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Refugees and migrants arrive by the busloads at the Croatian border, where World Vision and other aid agencies are there to provide relief supplies as the refugees hurry to cross the border. World Vision's relief supplies include bottled water, canned meat, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, diapers, baby food, and toys or balls for the children. PHOTO: World Vision / Laura Reinhardt

Survey: American attitudes toward Syrian refugees

World Vision survey says Americans are ready & willing to help Syrian refugees — they just haven't done it yet.

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This Christmas, join the movement to end extreme poverty with World Vision's Gift Catalog.

The movement to end extreme poverty

This Christmas, join the movement to end extreme poverty with World Vision's Gift Catalog.

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Families displaced by the violence in South Sudan wait on a crowded bus in Juba, hoping to flee to safety. PHOTO: Nhial Wei / World Vision

Crisis in South Sudan: Children's lives at risk!

World Vision urges: Listen to the cries of afflicted children and seek a negotiated solution to the conflict in South Sudan!

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Yazidis, members of a religious minority, fled fighting in Sinjar, Iraq. They are among an estimated 1.2 million displaced people seeking safety in Kurdish-controlled territory. PHOTO: World Vision

Thousands fleeing violence in Iraq

World Vision is providing emergency relief to families in desperate need of food, water and medicine in northern Iraq.

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Press Releases & Resources

Typhoon Haiyan
Apr 4, 2016

MasterCard and World Vision to address key issues facing humanitarian sector

Multi-layered partnership focuses on aid delivery, industry research, fundraising and advocacy to reach more people in need.

Water Now
Mar 23, 2016

Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Ryan Seacrest, Pitbull, Maroon 5, Jennifer Hudson and more join Water Now

Social media voice tops 753 million people in support of UN World Water Day to provide clean water to those in need via World Vision.

A family traveling along the refugee route through Serbia. World Vision is assisting with hygiene and baby supplies, safe spaces for children to play, food and water. PHOTO: World Vision/ Goran Stupar.
Mar 18, 2016

Young refugees cite military, police and being sent home as biggest fears

Children spoken to by World Vision at the Serbian-Macedonian border say their greatest fear is being sent back to the war and fighting they have fled.

A Syrian girl attends remedial education classes funded by World Vision Jordan and transcends her trauma to rediscover the joy of learning and life. PHOTO: Jon Warren/World Vision
Mar 17, 2016

As Syrian war enters 6th year humanitarian agencies jointly appeal for unfettered aid

More than 100 humanitarian agencies appealed to allow immediate and on-going access to people suffering inside the country.

A cross stands on a steep hillside above Zahlé, overlooking the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, where more than a million Syrian refugees have found shelter. Informal Tent Settlements dot the valley below.
Mar 10, 2016

Christians unite in prayer for refugees at fifth anniversary of Syrian conflict

As next week marks the end of five years of conflict in Syria, Christian organizations representing a diversity of practice and tradition are participating in a prayer campaign called #prayforrefugees, uniting Christians around central biblical beliefs about refugees.

A Syrian child in one of Lebanon's tented settlements plays with a toy amid the mud. PHOTO: World Vision/Jon Warren.
Mar 4, 2016

Report reveals horrifying cost of conflict to Syria, its neighbors and its children

The cost of conflict to Syria is an estimated US$275 billion in lost growth opportunities.