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World Vision in the News - 2010 Archive

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Note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all World Vision-related media clips ... just a sampling.


Chronicle of Philanthropy: Cholera in Haiti: Do aid groups deserve some of the blame? (November 23)
Chicago Sun-Times: Doing a world of good, the aim of new Hearts dolls (November 12)
The New York Times: In case of disaster, carriers stand ready to airlift aid (November 10)
The New York Times: The special pain of a slow disaster (November 10)
U.S. News & World Report: Holiday Gift Guide 2010 (November 9) 2010 Readers’ Choice Award Winner: Kendall Ciesemier (November 8)
Fast Company: What happens to unused Texas Rangers World Series gear? (November 5)
Dallas Morning News: Pre-printed, inaccurate Texas Rangers championship gear heading to impoverished families around the world (November 5)
PBS: Cholera outbreak Highlights Haiti's ongoing sanitation problems (October 27)
Washington Post: Obama waiver allows U.S. aid to 4 countries using child soldiers (October 27)
NPR: Aid groups rush to track, contain cholera outbreak (October 27)
CNN: Volcano erupts in Indonesia, forcing thousands to flee (October 26)
Associated Press: Cholera outbreak creeps to Haiti's Capital (October 25)
Associated Press: Study: Women give more to charity than men (October 21)
Agence France Presse: Super typhoon roars towards Phillippines (October 17)
USA Today: How to help kids in need this back to school season (September 8)
ABC News: Schools short on supplies get help from charity (September 7)
Associated Press/CBS News: Indonesian volcano spews new burst of ash (September 3)
NPR: Why we've given less to Pakistan flood victims (September 2)
New Orleans times-Picayune: Backpacks for Brock students lead to annual payback (August 27)
Chronicle of Philanthropy: Raising money, one city at a time (August 26)
Associated Press/CBS News: Pakistan president: Flood recovery to take years (August 24)
Seattle Times: School supplies, the tools of learning: Empower students with a donation (August 23)
Chronicle of Philanthropy: Charities sound alarm over high level of need in Pakistan and few donations to meet it (August 18)
New York Times: Western donations lag for Pakistan flood victims (August 17)
Chicago Tribune: Students draft a lesson plan of their own (July 23)
USA Today: Kids lobby Congress to end gang violence in their communities (July 21)
NPR Marketplace: Farm fields instead of battle fields (July 20)
Washington Post: U.S. financial reform bill also targets 'conflict minerals' from Congo (July 20)
USA Today: Six months after Haitian quake, many barriers to recovery (July 12)
Bloomberg Businessweek: G-8 leaders agree to $7.3 billion plan for maternal health (June 26)
Seattle Times: Imagine a voice from Africa the G-8's working dinner (June 25)
Voice of America: G8 leaders called on to address poverty, maternal and child health (June 18)
IRIN News: MYANMAR: Survivors seek shelter from future storms (June 14)
NPR Boston: Soccer sights turned to Africa, Cambridge school passes on gifts (June 9)
WAMU 88.5-FM: Millennium Development Goals: 2015 & beyond (June 3)
Christian Science Monitor: Geologists study giant Guatemala sinkhole left in wake of Tropical Storm Agatha (June 2)
Agence France Presse: UN aid chief alarm at Sudan unrest, food insecurity (May 27)
St. Petersburg Times: Thirty-hour Famine project teaches local teens learn about global hunger, poverty (May 15)
Marathon News, Interview: Exclusive: Josh Cox talks Comrades Marathon (May 14)
Associated Press: Jerseys to be auctioned to raise funds (May 11)
Publishers Weekly: Christian Book Award Winners Announced (May 5)
USA Today: World Vision exec reflects on Haiti relief (April 12)
Associated Press: Haitians relocated to new camps as rains loom (April 10)
CNN: Afghan women: Don't exclude our men (April 7)
AOL News: Quake survivor runs to save mom's homeland (April 5)
Associated Press: Separated children in Haiti often not welcome home (April 1)
NPR: Chilean Children suffer from quake's mental shocks (March 21) Afghan woman confront deadly task: childbirth (March 20) 6.4-magnitude quake hits southern Taiwan (March 3)
Greenwire: 'What the earthquake did not bring down, the rains will' (March 2)
Seattle Times: Comparing Haiti and Chile: 9.0 on the poverty scale (March 2)
Chicago Tribune: Global agency reaches out to youth on South Side (March 1)
USA Today: Chile: 'Giant effort' needed for recovery (February 28)
New York Times: Learning from the sin of Sodom (February 27)
AOL News: Poverty Predicts Quake Damage Better Than Richter Scale (February 27)
Associated Press: A 7-Year-Old Saints Fan Is the NFL's 'Super Kid' (February 6)
The Washington Post: 'Idol' contestant sings for Haiti relief effort (February 4) Haiti amputees face dire quest for prosthetics (January 28) World Vision president: Haiti is 'world's largest refugee camp' (January 23)
Time: Spotlight: Haiti Earthquake Relief (January 21)
Newsweek: Churches Respond (January 15)
Reuters: Haiti aid groups ask companies for cash, not goods (January 14)
USA Today: As Haiti crisis escalates, relief effort begins (January 14)
Associated Press: Aid groups preparing for major Haiti quake effort (January 13) 7.0 quake hits Haiti; 'Serious loss of life' expected (January 12)
San Diego Union-Tribune: Teens raise awareness, funds for world hunger (January 1)

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