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World Vision in the News - 2011 Archive

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Note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all World Vision-related media clips ... just a sampling.


CBS News: End of year giving (December 30)
MSNBC: How to make the most of your charitable dollars (December 30)
USA Today: Charities give Christmas gift of water (December 20)
Tavis Smiley Show: World Vision Gift Catalog (December 16)
ABC7: The Bay Area to Sierra Leone: A journey of hope (December 16)
CNN: Why goats and chickens make great holiday gifts (December 13)
Fox News: Give a goat--Mindy Mizell, World Vision (December 13)
USA Today: Joel Osteen, other religious leaders share memorable gifts (December 5)
CBS News: Charitable giving catalog (November 29)
Fox News: On Cyber Monday, use the web to work wonders (November 27)
ABC News: Bay Area sponsorship goes far in Sierra Leone (November 23)
Huffington Post Impact: Black Friday, Cyber Monday alternative: Charities that stretch your dollar the most (November 23)
The Washington Post - On Faith: At Thanksgiving, a different kind of food problem (November 22)
The Washington Post - Lifestyle: As holidays approach, how do you battle the 'gimmes' and teach teens to be charitable? (November 21)
Shine With Yahoo - Anderson Cooper: Hugh Jackman and Laughing Man Coffee (November 18)
Wall Street Journal: Evangelicals and the case for foreign aid (op/ed by Rich Stearns, November 11)
ABC7: Access to safe water still a challenge in Sierra Leone (November 10)
Fox News: Americans living in poverty (November 9)
ABC7: Malaria research bringing hope to Sierra Leone (November 9)
CNN World: Epic floods in Thailand: How you can help (November 2)
The New York Times: Somalia's agony tests limits of aid (November 2)
ABC7: World Vision and child sponsorship in Sierra Leone (October 31)
Reuters: Groups urge G20 not to ignore development agenda (October 29)
CNN International: Thailand flooding crisis in Bangkok (October 26)
ABC's Good Morning America: Mom in the middle: Catching up with Patricia Heaton (October 18)
The Hill's Congress Blog: Don't cut lifesaving health assistance (October 14)
NPR: Documentary explores fatigue among "helping professions" (October 7)
ABC: Heat, polluted air could impact marathon runners (October 7)
CNN: Philippines hit with second typhoon in a week (October 1)
CNN Go International: How tourists can help stop child sex trafficking (September 28)
Fox News: Fighting Famine in East Africa (September 28)
Associated Press: Poverty in America (September 22)
Fox News: Poverty in America (September 20)
CNN: Urge U.S. Congress to re-authorize Trafficking Victims Protection Act (September 14)
Foreign Policy; Congress strikes back against Obama's child soldiers' waivers(September 5)
CNN: Hugh Jackman urges Americans to support World Vision’s relief efforts in East Africa (September 1)
CNN: Irene hits Puerto Rico, becomes a hurricane (August 22)
Fox News: Back to School Without Supplies? (August 17)
Associated Press: Haitian tent cities brace for huge tropical storm (August 3)
CBS News: Horn of Africa famine (July 27)
Huffington Post Religion: Reflections on the Horn of Africa drought (July 26)
MyFox (Washington DC): Famine relief efforts in Africa with Nathaniel Hurd from World Vision (July 25)
Fox News: Fighting famine in East Africa (July 22)
WKRN-TV Nashville News 2: Volunteers work to rebuild homes damaged in Nashville floods (July 26)
Fox News: Stopping violence in communities across America (July 14)
NBC Dallas-Forth Worth: Mount Hood climber’s widow finds closure (July 9)
Associated Press: Triangle of hunger batters millions in E. Africa (July 6)
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia coach March Richt's mission (June 25)
NBC: Justin Tuck on NBC Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (May 25)
Reuters: Charity pulls smart stunt on Bruni pregnancy rumour (May 25)
New York Daily News: Giants defensive end Justin Tuck aids victims of recent Alabama Tornadoes, helps raise $275,000 (May 12)
CNN: Japan quake's youngest victims cope through play (April 6)
CNN: Tragedy and the power of video images (March 26)
Reuters: Why donating to Japan can do good (March 21)
MTV: Standing by Japan: Volunteer in Tokyo shares his experiences (March 16)
The Wall Street Journal: Humanitarian group World Vision hedging to keep on top of global currency swings (March 16)
MSNBC: Donors use texts, social media for Japan relief (March 16)
PBS News Hour: Students experience hunger to raise money for Haiti (March 1)
Fast Company: How tech is helping the Haiti recovery (February)
Fox News: World class shine (January 18)
CNN: A survivor's reunion (January 18)
PBS: Haiti earthquake recovery one year later (January 18)

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