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Life frames: Capturing the confidence of children in Bangladesh

World Vision photographer Laura Reinhardt saw heartbreaking need during a recent trip to Bangladesh, but she also captured the hope of children there.

Written and photographed by World Vision photographer Laura Reinhardt

Nikon D750 camera

24-70mm lens, shot at 29mm

1/60th, f/4.5, ISO 400

*     *     *

On a recent trip to Bangladesh, my assignment was to cover World Vision’s child protection programs. The program was still quite new, so I didn’t have the advantage of dozens of success stories.

To show the need to protect vulnerable children, I started by photographing a girl who was in tears as she shared her sorrows. Then, I photographed a few boys working in welding shops with no protective eye gear and only sandals on their feet as sparks flew. These definitely demonstrated heartbreaking need.

I wondered what these kids would be doing if they weren’t working. They could be in school or possibly playing, so I tried those pictures, too. One girl told me of her hope of becoming a nurse, and I took a shot of her bandaging the finger of a child in her slum community. I felt like I was moving in the right direction.

Then I asked Purnima, 11 (above), to show me what she thought a strong girl looked like. I wanted to show an empowered child, because that’s the ultimate goal of World Vision’s child protection programs — to create confidence and move them toward a more hope-filled future. This was her response, and I loved it!


Sponsoring a child in Bangladesh is a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need. You’ll help that child and their community to stand tall, free from poverty.

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