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The harsh grip of poverty can make a child feel helpless. But your sponsorship gives them hope that their lives are in God’s loving hands. And God’s love gives all children great worth. Your e-mails are an important way to reinforce that message of hope. These e-mails echo the words of Jesus, "don't be afraid; you are worth far more than sparrows!" (Luke 12:7)

Here are some helpful hints about writing your sponsored child:

  • Consider your sponsored child’s environment and culture. For example, it’s best not to write about the things you own since your child has very few possessions.
  • Share about yourself, your family, and your interests.
  • Write about children you know.
  • Find out about the customs, climate, culture, and country where your sponsored child lives. You'd be surprised what you might have in common!
  • Encourage your sponsored child in their education, hobbies and endeavors.
  • World Vision works in a number of countries where Christian communication is restricted. If your sponsored child lives in a community where the government embraces another faith or ideology, please do not refer to Jesus or send Christian tracts or Scripture in your email. Doing so could jeopardize World Vision’s work in your child’s country or even endanger the child or our staff. If you are unsure about the religious or political context in which your child lives, please email us with your child’s country and project name to request more information, or call us at 888-511-6489.

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