Colombia landslides disaster: Aid needed for Mocoa city

Latest reports count more than 250 dead, 200 injured, and 200 missing after massive mudslides that devastated Mocoa, Colombia, in the southwest department of Putumayo overnight on March 31 and April 1.

Rapid rainfall of more than 5.5 inches in two hours caused steep riverbanks to collapse sending torrents of water and mud through the city. More rainfall is predicted for the next few days, which could hinder responders and increase the threat of further landslides.  World Vision staff in Colombia are concerned for the safety and recovery of children who may have lost family members, homes, and schools in the disaster. The organization has sent a team of emergency workers to plan and coordinate a response.

World Vision will likely address the need for clean water, hygiene, and support for children’s protection, psychosocial health, and return to education.

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