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Sponsor a child

When you sponsor a child, you'll spark hope and fund sustainable ways for families to grow food for years to come.

Together, let's make this happen!

6 Ways We Earn Your Trust

We’re a Christian humanitarian organization helping children, families, and their communities overcome poverty and injustice.

Love Comes First

We aspire to be like Jesus. So we serve all people. No matter their religion, ethnicity, or gender.


Keeping our costs down means your gifts make the biggest waves possible.

Targeting Root Causes

Going after poverty’s symptoms is temporary. Going after its causes is permanent.


You’re welcome behind the curtain. In fact, there is no curtain…because we're accountable to you, to the kids we serve, and ultimately to God.

Your Donation Multiplies

Your gift + grants + donated goods = WAY more impact.

Local Leadership

When community members lead change, the change lasts and lasts. That's why World Vision’s international staff is 95 percent local.

What's Happening in World News

News of big needs and great hope. Fair warning, we’re pretty biased towards hope.