Severe drought returns to Somalia

In Somalia, lack of rain and ongoing conflict have left nearly 3 million people in desperate need. Just as this long-suffering country had begun to recover from a famine that killed a quarter of a million people — half of whom were children — drought has returned. Somalians are telling World Vision staff, “This is the worst drought we have ever seen.”

Scorched countryside and dead animals

World Vision staff report that the dry, scorched countryside is littered with the carcasses of camels, cows, and goats.

After traveling to the Dolow district in south-central Somalia, Word Vision’s Jennifer Jalovec reported, “Everywhere I went, people begged for food and water. When schoolchildren were asked to draw pictures of their communities, they drew dead trees next to a waving Somali flag.”

The years of conflict and droughts have caused many to abandon their farms and livestock and seek a new life in places like Baidoa town.

Emergency interventions for extreme malnutrition

Mrs. Adado and her family fled their village because of drought and the lack of jobs.

With her husband and six children, Mrs. Adado moved to an internal displacement camp in Biadoa. About 160 miles northwest of Mogadishu, Biadoa is at the heart of chronic food insecurity in southern Somalia.

Mrs. Adado brought her son, Musa, to a feeding center supported by World Vision and the World Food Program. Musa had a sick appearance. His legs were swelling and his skin was cracking.

At the center, children like Musa receive therapeutic foods and other interventions to help them recover from malnutrition.

As of February, this feeding center and others supported by World Vision and the World Food Program have reached 32,529 children and 2,014 pregnant and lactating women in southern Somalia with emergency interventions.

How you can help

  • Pray for children and families affected by this life-threatening drought. Pray especially for the health and protection of children, and pray for the aid workers who are serving local populations.
  • Make a donation to our Somalia Disaster Relief Fund. Thanks to government grants, your gift will go twice as far to help provide emergency food, clean water, healthcare, and more to children and families in need.

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