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Rosemary, 9, Zambia


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Background - Blue sky with white clouds
Rosemary with Chef's Hat
Background - Blue sky with white clouds
Water pump, pig, ducks
Rosemary with mixing bowl and chicken

Rosemary’s big dream is bigger than most. She wants to be a chef! She wants to host! Nothing will stand in her way? (Or will it?)

Background - Brown sky
Corn field
Rosemary's Family when she was young.

You see her family used to be hungry,
Quite a bit.

Background - Brown sky
Crop field
Rosemary's Family working in a field. Rosemary picks a yellow flower.

Her family worked and they toiled. But there was never enough. Life was too hard. Life was too rough.

Background - Blue sky
Houses & happy goats
Rosemary's Family milking goats. Rosemary's father holding a bible.

But one day someone gave the family a gift.
Five goats from World Vision. And it gave them a lift!

Background - Milk Stand, Shelves with products on them.
Rosemary with a happy goat.
Rosemary's Family milking goats. Rosemary's father holding a bible.

The goats multiplied and so did their money. Life was looking up. Life was looking sunny.

Background - Blue sky, field with yellow flowers.
Rosemary's father fixing a bike. Rosemary's mother selling produce.
Rosemary sewing a dress.

They opened up shops and planted in fields.
They ate from their harvest and sold from their yields.

Background - Blue sky
Children playing soccer. Schoolhouse.
Rosemary going to school, wearing her dream Chef's hat.

Now, all Rosemary is hungry for…is knowledge in class. And we think her big dream of becoming a chef will come to pass!

Background - Blue sky
Ducks, Water Pump, Pig, Soccer Ball.
Goat, Chicken and School Supplies.

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Inspired by her dreams
Powered by your generosity

View Rosemary’s journey in 8 illustrated scenes and look for items to donate along the way!

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