Empowering Kenyan
girls to know
they are worthy

Empowering Kenyan girls to know they are worthy

Please prayerfully consider supporting the Kenya Big Dream project today.

God created every child, including every girl and boy in Kenya, to experience life in all its fullness. Yet the future for so many children in Kenya is at risk today because of harmful cultural practices that persist due to poverty and lack of education.

In many cultures, female genital mutilation (FGM)—also known as cutting—symbolizes the transition to womanhood and is a traditional practice done on girls as young as eight. In areas of Kenya, it’s often a precursor to child marriage. At least 200 million girls and women alive today have been subjected to FGM, including 4 million in Kenya alone. And globally, 650 million girls were married before their 18th birthday.

The Kenya Big Dream project is a holistic and proven approach to eradicate child marriage and FGM. Our aim is to change social norms harmful to children, strengthen household economic conditions to reduce financial incentives for child marriage, promote education and life skills training for girls, and more.


$588 can help cover two girls’ school fees for one school year


$882 can help cover three girls’ school fees for one school year


$1,176 can help cover four girls’ school fees for one school year


$588 can help cover two girls’ school fees for one school year


$882 can help cover three girls’ school fees for one school year


$1,176 can help cover four girls’ school fees for one school year

When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous.

— Proverbs 21:15, NIV

Find out if your employer is one of those that will match to World Vision!

How to Double Your Donation


This employer search link may be used to enter your company’s name. Or you may simply contact your employer’s Human Resources and ask whether your company matches employee donations to World Vision.


Print or request your company’s matching gift form, or submit via your workplace intranet. Review the program guidelines to see whether World Vision is eligible.


Mail completed form to us, and we’ll take it from there.

World Vision Matching Program
Mail Stop #120, P.O. Box 9716
Federal Way, WA 98063-9716

We’ll handle the rest, and the company will send its matching donation directly to World Vision.

How to Double Your Donation

If your company does not currently match to World Vision, it doesn’t hurt to ask them to start. Pass on more info about how other corporations engage with World Vision. Find out more here. It might just inspire your employer to make a difference.

How Do Matching Gifts Help?


In 2017, World Vision’s work around the world was furthered by significant financial donations from corporations of more than $159 million in gift-in-kind donations and $13.1 million in cash grants, cause-marketing proceeds, workplace giving & matching gifts.

Your donations help bring emergency relief, clean water, food supplies, and much more to the world’s poorest communities. Your company can double this impact by matching your gift!

More questions?

Ask your human resources department, or call World Vision at 1-877-WV-MATCH (1-877-986-2824).

How to Double Your Donation

Employer-sponsored charitable campaigns make a powerful difference in the lives of children and families throughout the world.

Workplace Giving Campaigns give employees and their spouses, retirees, & board members a convenient way to give to World Vision through payroll deduction.

Check with your employer today to find out how you can designate to World Vision through your Workplace Giving Campaign.

Workplace designation instructions:

Federal employees: Select #11117 to give through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

Corporate employees & United Way participants: Choose to designate to World Vision (EIN# 95-1922279) as your charity of choice, and ask your employer to match your gift.

State, county, and municipal employees: Check your campaign materials to find World Vision’s assigned number.

If you feel inspired to do more with your employer for World Vision, contact our coordinator to ask questions or start an activity that’s right for you:

Call toll-free: 1-866-859-KIDS (5437)
Email: [email protected]

Join us in the call to empower 60 million people*—with life, hope, and a future—in the name of Jesus Christ.

*Because of World Vision’s multi-sector approach, some people will participate in more than one program.