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Fund a child's digital future!

Fund a child's digital future!

Your donation will provide a child in need with access to a device, software, internet, and training.

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Building a brighter future

Many children in Africa have never seen or used a computer before. They are eager to learn, but they don't have access to technology. A computer means new possibilities – and a tangible way to overcome poverty. Receiving a digital education will give children the opportunity for better jobs, a brighter future, and ultimately, a thriving community. That's where you come in.

Join World Vision as we partner with Microsoft, Intel, and the UK developmental agency, British Council, to bring digital access and education to children in Africa by building fully-equipped computer centers in schools. Like you, we know that once a child's basic needs are met, it's education that will lift them out of poverty.

Thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners, who have donated goods and services, your gift will have 2X the impact! This means that your gift of just $100 will double to $200 providing children with:

  • Access to computers, Internet, and a digital learning center
  • Training from teachers skilled in digital education
  • Career and life skills to improve their future and the future of their family
  • New economic opportunities as they become proficient with technology
  • Community growth as community members will have access to the computer center when school is not in session

As children learn valuable new skills, they'll aspire to change the world and their place in it — imagine the possibilities! Please join us and help spark a child's digital future.

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