Intel/World Vision partnership brings computers to Africa

Through an innovative partnership between World Vision and the Intel Education Service Corps, children are crossing the digital divide and gaining access to 21st century skills.

Published October 10, 2012 at 12:00am PDT

In rural schools across Africa, children are crossing the digital divide, thanks to a partnership between World Vision and Intel .  

World Vision and Intel are working together  to deploy technology solutions to classrooms in Africa, setting up computers and training teachers to improve student learning with technology. 

A Citizen award finalist

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Computers open new world for students

Students in Africa fortunate enough to finish school may never touch a computer. But in a school in rural Zambia, children are crossing the digital divide. 

“I’ll never forget the mood inside the classroom on the first day of computer classes,” says David Owens, World Vision’s chief development officer, who was present at a student PC deployment in Zambia. “Most of all, I remember the complete silence as the children waited for instructions on how to use their new computers.”

Within minutes, that silence was replaced with laughter and the joyful sound of learning.

The school headmaster expressed to Owen, “These computers are not only going to help our students learn, they will make coming to school more attractive.” 

Intel has completed four projects with World Vision in Zambia and Senegal in just the past year, and two projects are currently in the planning phase for Rwanda and Tanzania in late 2012.

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