Philippines: More rain, more flooding, more misery

UPDATED: Following days of torrential rains and flooding in the capital city of Manila, Tropical Storm Kai-Tak made landfall in the northern Philippines, causing additional flooding and landslides.

Story and photos by Aaron Aspi, World Vision Philippines.
Published August 16, 2012 at 12:00am PDT

Tropical Storm Kai-Tak (Helen) swept through the northern Philippines this week, leaving seven dead from flooding and landslides. The storm made landfall over Isabela province on the island of Luzon.

This follows days of unrelenting rains in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, which caused severe flooding that covered at least 60 percent of the city and prompted World Vision emergency response teams to conduct a rapid assessment of the damage.

Multiple emergencies

Following the latest round of flooding in Isabela, World Vision’s Carol Cabading reports that the organization is coordinating with local disaster groups to determine a response.

“All the 2,726 sponsored children in World Vision assisted areas in Isabela are safe and accounted for,” she adds.

Parts of Manila remain flooded from last week’s monsoon rains and tropical storm, which were responsible for 95 deaths. Many families are still unable to return to their homes and are staying in evacuation shelters.

World Vision’s response

A World Vision staff member speaks to affected residents at a relief distribution.After the initial flooding in Manila, World Vision dispatched assessment teams in 11 districts in the flooded areas to determine the needs of local residents and to work with local authorities and other humanitarian agencies to help provide supplies.

This week, World Vision’s relief operations carry on in spite of stormy weather. Staff members are providing water, food, hygiene and household items to more than 4,000 families in Malabon, Baseco, and Taguig.

World Vision aims to assist more than 10,000 families who have been affected by the storms.

How you can help

Pray for families impacted by flooding and landslides across the Philippines. Pray for their protection and that they would recieve the assistance they need to recover.

Make a one-time donation to World Vision’s Disaster Response Fund. Your gift will help us respond quickly and effectively to life-threatening emergencies around the world, like the recent flooding in the Philippines.