Vanuatu is a tiny island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, located about 1,100 miles off the northeastern coast of Australia. This island archipelago is volcanic in origin, has a tropical climate, and is vulnerable to natural disasters.

  • Population: 266,937
  • Life Expectancy: 71 years
  • Access to Safe Water: 91%
  • School Enrollment: 94%
  • Land Mass: 4,710 sq. mi.
  • Literacy Rate: 83%
  • Under Age 5 Mortality Rate: 18/1000
  • Average Annual Income (GNI): 3080

Facts about Vanuatu

Disaster Response

Due to its isolated location in the South Pacific Ocean, as well as the fact that many of its islands are remote and hard to reach, Vanuatu is particularly vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters.

Disaster Response

In March 2015, Cyclone Pam battered the islands of Vanuatu, flattening isolated villages with heavy winds and rain. World Vision was among the first organizations to respond with emergency aid following the disaster.



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Progress in Vanuatu

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. World Vision was able to work alongside communities to accomplish the following in 2014.

  • Facilitated access to health services through education of 10 communities, with a total of 2,084 beneficiaries

  • Ensured that 5,343 people had improved access to water, sanitation, and healthcare

  • Demonstrated to communities low-cost ways to add value to products

  • Worked with communities to build six early education centers, providing children in 34 villages with access to early childhood education

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    World Vision in Vanuatu Today

    In 2014, World Vision’s efforts supported more than 16,600 people. Highlights of our work include:

    • Developing early childhood education programs
    • Ensuring that children enjoy good health through a holistic and integrated health program, which combines maternal and child health with a focus on nutrition, water, and hygiene
    • Helping to ensure that families have the resources and income to provide basic services for their children

    World Vision History in Vanuatu

    For more than 30 years, World Vision has helped improve the lives of Vanuatu’s children and families, working in six provinces.

    Geography & People

    The South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu won independence from France and the United Kingdom in 1980. The archipelago is spread over 80 islands, many of which are remote and difficult to reach, even in good weather. Vanuatu’s islands collectively make up a land area slightly larger than the U.S. state of Connecticut; they are comprised of mountainous terrain with some coastal plains. About 65 of Vanuatu’s 80 islands are inhabited.

    Cyclone Pam, which struck in March 2015, is regarded as one of the worst natural disasters ever to strike Vanuatu. In its aftermath, World Vision concentrated relief distributions in Port Vila, the national capital, as well as affected areas on outlying islands.

    Prayer Requests for Vanuatu

    • Pray for children, families, and communities that are still struggling to recover from the aftermath of Cyclone Pam.
    • Pray for World Vision’s staff who are working to help the people of Vanuatu build a better future.