Our Work

Pulling up the roots of poverty and planting the seeds of change.

Building relationships. Earning the right to be heard. Planning and working alongside local leaders. Finding solutions to change the future for their kids and the next generation. Here's just some of what we accomplished together in 2017.

Helped over 13.8 million disaster survivors and refugees

Transformed the lives of 4 million sponsored kids

Impacted 2.4 million jobs in 2016

Served 326 communities, and saw 18 of them graduate

Brought clean water to 3.2 million people

Where We Work

46,000 people, in nearly 100 countries. Distance doesn't
diminish our love.
Going to the ends and back. It's what we do because of you.

Together, we work to help communities develop the perfect recipe for sustainable success.

Choose one and see how our work gets done.


Poverty in America

Economic Empowerment

Clean Water


Christian Faith

Disaster Relief

Child Protection

Gender Equality

Disability Inclusion

Refugees & Fragile States

Child Protection

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