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Cause Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility

Our global presence allows us to make a dynamic impact in the areas of:

  • Child protection
  • Clean water
  • Disaster response
  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Food and agriculture
  • Health

We can match your company’s cause with our work. Your customers will know that their purchasing decisions make a difference.

Cause Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility | World Vision

Your Company + World Vision

Philanthropic Engagement Matters to Your Consumers

The 2013 Cone Cause Evolution Study revealed that more than 90 percent of consumers are likely to be more loyal or switch to a company that supports a social or environmental cause.

By associating your brand with a humanitarian issue, you and your company send a clear message of corporate social responsibility to your stakeholders.

It also allows you to build a loyal customer base and boost your brand, thereby strengthening your business.

We can help.

Build a Better Global Community

Build a Better Global Community

Hundreds of companies that are ready to revamp their philanthropic engagement methods are turning to World Vision for creative and customized solutions.

We understand that every philanthropic engagement plan is as unique as the business itself. We have the depth of resources to enable you to choose the causes, programs, and methods that align with your corporate vision and strategy.


Playmates and World Vision Team Up For a Cause

Hearts for Hearts GirlsPlaymates Toys is building its brand while making a difference and a profit through Hearts for Hearts Girls, an innovative line of internationally-themed dolls. $1.00 from each doll comes to World Vision to help children worldwide.

Playmates Toys partnered with World Vision when developing Hearts for Hearts Girls. This line of dolls provides a wonderful example of the cause marketing campaign possibilities that exist through partnership with World Vision.

The 10 beautiful dolls are based on the stories of 10 girls living in poverty around the world who are using their lives to make a difference in their communities:

  • Consuelo from Mexico
  • Lilian from Belarus
  • Shola from Afghanistan
  • Dell from USA, Appalachia
  • Lauryce from USA, New Orleans
  • Mosi from USA, Native American Indian
  • Nahji from India
  • Rahel from Ethiopia
  • Tipi from Laos
  • Zelia from Brazil

The dolls retail for $24.99 and are designed for girls ages 6 to 10. Each doll also comes with membership to a free online community that tells the stories of girls who are making a difference, encouraging girls to think about how they can contribute to and make an impact in their own communities and the world.


We understand the importance of choosing a nonprofit partner that aligns with your corporate social responsibility and philanthropic objectives. Here are some resources to explore if you’re considering a partnership with us.

For more in-depth information about World Vision, our corporate partnerships, and our fiscal responsibility, feel free to view or download any of the following PDFs:

2013 Year in Review


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