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Corporate Volunteerism

Build team morale as you come together to serve others.

Gather at a World Vision warehouse near you to prepare product donation shipments to send to people in need.

Assemble supply kits at your workplace or at a World Vision location: fill backpacks with school supplies, or assemble health and hygiene kits to equip volunteer AIDS caregivers.

Contact us today to set up a volunteer event for your company!

Engage Your Workplace Community

Organize a Group of Co-Workers to Volunteer

Organize a Group of Co-Workers to VolunteerMany employers will give you an afternoon for team building while you participate in an activity that helps others.

As a team, you can:

  1. Gather at one of our warehouses near you to help prepare highly-needed shipments of donated supplies to send to project areas around the world. There are World Vision facilities in urban and rural communities across the United States.
  2. Rally your fellow employees to assemble kits of school supplies for children in need here in the United States, or health products to equip volunteer HIV and AIDS caregivers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

If there isn’t a World Vision location near you, the second option would be a good fit. We can work with you to set up a World Vision Kit Build Event. These events are customizable to the size of your staff, venue, and location.

Please email us for more information!

Need some more inspiration? Visit our Get Involved page to find volunteering options for individuals, groups, and more.

Contact Us to Get Started

Contact a World Vision facility near you to learn more about volunteer opportunities in your community.

Send us an email if there is no World Vision office in your area.

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Workplace Volunteerism in Action

Learn more about what corporate volunteers are doing across the country.


MicrosoftMicrosoft’s Community Affairs Department participated in a team-building effort to assemble 300 Caregiver Kits. The supplies were then shipped to volunteers caring for people living with HIV and AIDS.

In addition, the Microsoft Global Outsourcing Team used their employee appreciation budget to graciously donate to three projects around the world.

“Trying to pack these kits together is a great bonding experience and will be remembered clearly on many occasions. Most importantly, we are doing some tremendous good for the impoverished people in the world who really need this help.” —Akhtar Badshah, Senior Director of Global Community Affairs

Goldman Sachs

Goldman SachsGoldman Sachs executives and clients celebrated “Take Your Child to Work Day” in partnership with World Vision and the ONE Campaign.

More than 100 people arrived at their Washington, D.C., office to learn about making a difference for those living in extreme poverty.

Staff and families then assembled 350 Caregiver Kits to be sent overseas to support volunteers caring for people living with HIV and AIDS.


Ten to 20 volunteers from UPS came to help at a kit distribution event.

When asked what touched him most today, Troy, a UPS volunteer, said, “My daughter, on her own initiative, took a little 4-year-old by the hand. He had been wandering around clutching a shirt that was way too big for him, and she helped him find the right size. That’s the kind of thing you want to see your kids doing, but this is the only way to really teach it.”

“We are all going to be impacted by something we cannot handle by ourselves someday. Let’s get involved and help others while we can, and one day, we will be receiving that same help from others.” —Troy Deason, UPS


We understand the importance of choosing a nonprofit partner that aligns with your corporate social responsibility and philanthropic objectives. Here are some resources to explore if you’re considering a partnership with us.

For more in-depth information about World Vision, our corporate partnerships, and our fiscal responsibility, feel free to view or download any of the following PDFs:

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