“I don't like my dress because it is not nice,” said 9-year old Yakuba. Her tattered dress exposes her to the cold rainy season on the African plains in Ghana, while her bare feet leave her at risk for acquiring wounds, diseases, or snake bites.

For many communities, proper clothing is low on their priority list. Because families use their money to simply attain necessities like food and housing, they are unable to invest in clothing. As a result, children like Yakuba may lose both health and hope by being forced to wear old clothing. Many children in developing countries and inner cities even avoid going to school because they are too embarrassed to go without appropriate clothing.

Even people fighting to survive deserve to have the dignity and health inspired by warm clothing, shoes, and personal care items. Such a gift can reaffirm a child’s worth as well as provide a practical necessity. Your donation to World Vision will be put to great use by restoring this hope to many people.

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