Soap and clean water save lives.
Soap and clean water, are one of the most effective ways of combating sickness and death for children and families living in the poorest communities around the world. Access to safe water and sanitation cuts a community’s child mortality rate in half. World Vision’s ongoing work in nearly 100 countries, starts with providing the basics of life and progresses into long-term community development programs that tackle the root causes of poverty

World Vision is seeking your donations of personal care products to help people in need. Packaging changes, shift in demand, and overproduction can leave companies like yours with excess or slow moving inventory. While you are left to decide what to do with the inventory, there are people throughout the world that need your product to improve sanitation and personal hygiene.

By donating your excess inventory you receive savings in storage in warehouse costs, tax deductions us to twice the cost, opportunities for public relations, and a good feeling knowing you are helping people in need. Please complete the following information to submit your donation today.

World Vision accepts only larger volumes of new gift-in-kind product from corporations and private donors. Unfortunately, we cannot accept clothing or household donations from individual donors.

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