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Winter 2004
World Vision Magazine - Winter 2004Features:
  • The Joy of Blessedness - In this celebration of the Beatitudes, meet World Vision people who bless others by joyfully serving God.

  • Mining for Hope in Congo's Broken Hearts - Child sponsorship brings a sense of security to Kolwezi, a former mining town in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • News from the Field - Updates on crises in Sudan, Russia, and Kenya;World Vision disburses its 1 millionth micro-loan.

Autumn 2004
World Vision Magazine - Autumn 2004Features:
  • Dominican Republic Floods: When Every Second Counts - World Vision’s response to floods in the Dominican Republic was swift — but tragically, 33 sponsored children died.

  • Facing the Fire: HIV/AIDS in Africa - In Zambia and Malawi, Rich Stearns witnesses embers of hope.

  • Mothers & Daughters, Hopes & Fears - Reneé Stearns empathizes with African mothers.

Summer 2004
World Vision Magazine - Summer 2004 Features:
  • Keeping Promises in Gyumri - Sponsorship revives a city in shambles
  • Land of Second Chances - Special needs children learn their worth.
  • Children With Disabilities - A global report.

Spring 2004
World Vision Magazine - Spring 2004 IssueFeatures:
  • Something to Live For - As the darkness of denial lifts in HIV/AIDS-ravaged Malawi, communities are finding reason to hope.
  • Operation Seasweep - Does our giving really make a difference? Twenty-five years later, we find out.
  • Glad You Asked - Why does a HopeChild need special care?


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