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World Vision

"A dream is the bearer of a new possibility, the enlarged horizon, the great hope."
Howard Thurman, "Disciplines of the Spirit"

Faith Aloni Stanley, 7, - TanzaniaOn the eve of a new millennium, our thoughts turn toward the future and to the hopes we harbor for our children. But what of the dreams of children - particularly those who live confined by limited means and opportunities? For this special photo issue, we visited children in World Vision projects in five countries to photograph them and ask them about their prayers and dreams.

Many of their whimsical wishes and aspirations are not so different from those of children in our own homes, schools, and churches. Even so, the children's joy and their simple desires are poignant in the face of the challenges and material poverty to which they were born.

It is our wish that as you "meet" these children, you will see in them the image of the One who is our Creator, who gives us all a hope and a future.

—The Editors

Click on any of the thumbnail images below, or simply browse through the gallery, starting with Mhiretu Tamirat. . . (Note: The following pages contain graphics of substantial size that may take a while to download, and are optimized for a screen resolution of 800X600, please be patient as these photos download. Thank you.)

Patricia Goncalves da Silva





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