Racquet Zapper
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Mosquitoes are a fact of life in Bangkok, a tropical metropolis built on a swamp. Up until the last century, Thais navigated the city through Venetian-style canals. But now, in the age of taxis and traffic jams, those canals are thick with sewage, trash -- and hordes of mosquitoes.

But now, even as the little blood suckers mount their seasonal assault, Thais aren't taking the surge laying down.

Their weapon of choice: the bug zapper. The device is essentially a plastic racket with metallic netting. Charge it overnight, press a button on the handle, and electricity surges through the network of wires. Let an unwary mosquito draw within range of your swing and, snap - crackle - pop, all that remains is a flash of light and a whisp of smoke.

Sound satisfying? It is, as reporter Patrick Winn attests. But can they really make a dent in Thailand's mosquito population? Tune in and find out.
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