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World Vision relief worker Kari Costanza, center, with candle makers in Insiza, in southern Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe candles and soap are a rare commodity that must be brought in from other countries. World Vision trained these women to make candles and loaned them the equipment to start a now thriving business. With the money they earn, the women can feed their families and ensure their children stay in school.
Zimbabwe AWD
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A presidential runoff election is scheduled June 27th in Zimbabwe where President Robert Mugabe struggles to retain his power. Threats, violence, even death have been used to intimidate voters. Mugabe’s opponent has been detained by government forces twice, opposition voter rallies have been banned, foreign diplomats have been harassed, and non-governmental aid agencies feeding and caring for millions of Zimbabweans have been ordered out of the country for allegedly trying to influence voters against Mugabe. In addition to the political turmoil, Zimbabwe has the highest inflation rate in the world coupled with food shortages and 80% unemployment. Kari Costanza, who works for World Vision, was in Zimbabwe before the recent ejection of aid agencies. She had to deal with some of those problems first hand. She talks about it in an aid workers diary.
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