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More than
700 million people
worldwide are living in
extreme poverty.

Most of them
women and
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Together we can change that.
Believers for World Change
Everyday people who care, partnering with expert staff and courageous communities to overcome extreme poverty.

Empowered to believe, equipped to achieve

Begin with hearts and minds

Jesus says “nothing is impossible with God.” Poverty’s grip loses its power when people see their potential the way God does.

Follow with practical solutions

Tools, training, and resources designed by community development experts help people gain skills and confidence for a better tomorrow.

Create a world of change

We measure our global progress and see communities transform — each story is a new reason to believe in a future once thought unreachable.

Proof of a changing world is adding up

From 2016 to 2022, World Vision has helped equip millions of people to live fuller lives.


people with access to clean water


women and girls equipped to thrive


people empowered to grow resilient livelihoods


people assisted in disasters around the globe

We believe that together, with God’s power, we can help end extreme poverty in our lifetimes.

Join our community of believers


Advocate for girls education


Drill crew advisor


Fearless entrepreneur


We believe ending extreme poverty is possible. Join us.