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Prayer Rhythms

3 Episodes

Prayer rhythms to nourish your soul


How’s your soul? We partnered with Danielle Strickland to bring you a three-part video series of prayer rhythms and practices — they’re designed to help you create space for God to tend to your soul and as tools for you to use to shepherd and disciple others.

  • Three videos and prayer guides providing physical postures, scriptural insight, and reflection exercises to refresh your spiritual health
  • Resources drawn from Christian traditions presented in practical, tested ways to nurture your soul
  • Created for your own practice and adaptable for you to lead individuals, congregations, or small groups

In this incredibly difficult season for those pastoring congregations, World Vision is committed to the care of the bride of Christ. Soul care is vital for you as a church leader — which is why we partnered with Danielle Strickland to bring you these practical prayer resources.

About Danielle Strickland

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Danielle is a spiritual leader, justice advocate, communicator, and peacemaker. Her aggressive compassion has served people firsthand in countries all over the world, from establishing justice departments and church plants, to launching global anti-trafficking initiatives, to creating new initiatives that mobilize people toward transformational living. Danielle trains, advocates, and inspires people to live differently through initiatives like Amplify Peace, Brave Global, Infinitum and the Women Speakers Collective. Her podcast is listened to by thousands globally, and she’s on the teaching team at The Meeting House in Toronto, Canada.

Find more resources here from Danielle Strickland and Infinitum Life — a movement inviting Jesus-followers to connect body and spirit through prayer postures.