We the Church

9 Episodes

Practical pastoral problem solving

How do we create holy space for pastoral care and problem solving during turbulent times?

“We the Church” is a collection of video resources for pastors with topics like leading well during change, digital evangelism, and building resilient faith from afar, curated by World Vision and partners.

  • Prayers and video guides about how to tackle tough times, create space to innovate, and lead your church.
  • Be inspired and invested in by powerful thought leaders discussing relevant church topics for this season.
  • Discover unique encouragement and support through free resources and ideation around topics like leading well during change, church in the digital age, and more.

World Vision

World Vision is a child-focused, Christian, aid and development agency. We are dedicated to working with communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We serve the world’s most vulnerable people regardless of religion, race, gender or any other form of discrimination.