Virtual Vision Trip Sneak Peek: Honduras

COVID-19 has changed everything about life. How we spend time with each other, our jobs, the economy. The ripple effects are endless.

One thing we at World Vision miss the most is travel. We long to spend time with those we serve, and we wish that we could book your plane ticket to go along with us. We would love to show you how your school could make a lasting impact on the world. But just as we have all been forced to do in 2020, we’ve pivoted, developing another great option.

In this webinar, World Vision Ignite host Derek Sciba and special guests Dr. Mike Chen, Head of School at Pacific Bay Christian School; Erik Ellefsen, Senior Fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE); and Jenny Brady, Director of Diversity, Prestonwood Christian Academy; experienced our inaugural sneak peek into a Virtual Vision Trip for school leaders.

We spent an hour and flew to South America, touching down in Honduras where we were introduced to our friend Johnny Lopez, one of our World Vision leaders in the country.

Johnny guided us both through cities and into the country, telling stories about the struggle of drug addiction and the challenges farmers face. Through this virtual experience, we were able to better understand how great development not only improves lives long-term, but it allows God to be revealed, through the lives and actions of our community volunteers and World Vision humanitarians.

Just as if you were riding along with us in a Land Cruiser across long and bumpy dirt roads, enjoy this chance to hear from Johnny and our special guests.

Reach out to us at [email protected] if you would like to take part in one of our future Virtual Vision Trip experiences.

Watch the Replay