More than a curriculum, Ignite is a partnership that helps students draw closer to the heart of Christ through experiential learning that equips them to make a difference.

01. Relationships

As students build connections with sponsored children in a developing country, they’re introduced to a different way of relating to the world. By cultivating cross-cultural friendships, they learn to care about the needs of others in a new, deeper way.

The gospel is, at its core, relational. Jesus became flesh, lived a life of healing and justice among us, and ultimately died—all so that He could save us. He calls us to love our neighbors. But to love our neighbors, we must know our neighbors. That takes being in a relationship with them—sharing life with them.

… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

— John 10:10 (NIV)


Ignite’s rigorous curriculum equips educators with the resources and support they need to encourage students to be curious and think critically. The K–12 suite includes targeted, grade-specific lessons that illustrate biblical themes of justice and Jesus’ call to care for our neighbors, particularly the most vulnerable.

Using the "Understanding by Design" framework, teachers become coaches of understanding.

Lessons built around real-world issues challenge students to explore effective solutions using a biblical approach.

Multi-media resources from World Vision experts engage students and provide meaningful context for learning.

Ignite is adaptable, making it easy for schools to implement and integrate into their current curriculum wherever it works best.

Bring human transformation to life through grade-specific curriculum.

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03. Experiences

Throughout the year, Ignite offers students meaningful opportunities to follow Christ’s call to love others and make a lasting impact now, both locally and globally.


The experiences your students have and the relationships they engage in will have a lasting impact, helping them understand that positive change is brought about through physical, social, and spiritual transformation.


The next generation has the potential to live their faith out loud and create positive, lasting change in the world. Ignite gives them the opportunity to see what’s possible when they fix their eyes on Jesus and allow Him to work in them and through them.

A Year of Ignite

Your specific experience will look unique to your school—tailored to your student body and their passions—creating a powerful vision for students of what it looks like to fully live out their faith in Christ.

  • First Semester

    • Take Teacher/Admin World Vision Online Professional Development Training
    • School year commences and curriculum begins
    • Kickoff relationships with your country’s community and sponsored kids by writing/emailing a letter
    • Students engage with sponsored children through My World Vision online access
    • Encourage the idea of fundraising for your country’s community

  • Second Semester

    • Continue with curriculum and putting faith into action
    • Students engage with sponsored children through My World Vision online access
    • Write a letter/email your sponsored child
    • World Vision’s Global 6K for Water encourages students to plan and participate in a schoolwide event to provide clean water for people in need (optional – must be completed in May)

  • Additional Options

    These options can be done anytime throughout the school year:

    • Matthew 25 Challenge: invites students to step out of their comfort zones to gain empathy through weeklong activities
    • Chosen (child sponsorship opportunity for families/community)