Ignite seeks to graduate strong leaders who have the integrity, wisdom, deep faith, and resiliency to make a difference for Christ in our turbulent world. We deeply value academic rigor and equip students to excel in our nation’s top colleges and universities.

01. Relationships

Leverage easy-to-use lessons and bring global poverty to life through curated videos, in-classroom curriculum and virtual reality.

The gospel is, at its core, relational. Jesus became flesh, lived a life of healing and justice among us, and ultimately died—all so that He could save us. He calls us to love our neighbors. But to love our neighbors, we must know our neighbors. That takes being in a relationship with them—sharing life with them.

… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

— John 10:10 (NIV)


Ignite seeks to go far deeper than simply conveying facts. Students are encouraged to make sense of what they learn by putting it into use through conversations, classroom activities, and real-world action.

Use the Understanding by Design framework, teachers become coaches of understanding.

Adapt Ignite for maximum impact from our library of provided resources.

Show videos explaining concepts or conveying stories from World Vision experts.

Build lessons around real-world issues and guide your students to explore effective solutions.

Bring human transformation to life through grade-specific curriculum.

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03. experiences

Your students will meet children from other parts of the world, engage in campus-wide events, experience Vision Trip opportunities, and attend conferences - connecting what they learn in the classroom to what they see in the world.


Your school is paired with another community in a developing country. Through one-to-one experiences with sponsored children in another part of the world, your students will see poverty as not simply an issue, but as an injustice impacting friends.


The experiences your students have and the relationships they engage in will have a lasting impact, helping them understand that positive change is brought about through physical, social and spiritual transformation.

A Year of Ignite

Your specific experience will look unique to your school—tailored to your student body and their passions—creating a powerful vision for students of what it looks like to fully live out their faith in Christ.

  • Summer

    • Embark on Vision Trip with Influential Students, Faculty, and Staff
    • Ignite Partnership Professional Development for Following School Year

  • Fall

    • Speaker Casts Vision for Ignite and Kicks off Chosen™
    • Students Matched With Sponsored Children
    • Curriculum Begins
    • School-Wide Letter Writing Campaign
    • Youth Advocacy Summit in Washington D.C.

  • Winter

    • Video Exchanges Between With Your Partner Community
    • Ongoing Engagement Through a MyWorldVision Online Portal
    • Social Innovation Challenge Begins
    • Students Send Gifts During Christmas Package Drive
    • Give-Back Gift Shop Christmas Event

  • Spring

    • Social Innovation Challenge Competition; Winner Announced
    • Global 6K for Water Student Leadership Experience
    • Youth for Change Conference in Asia 
    • End-of-Year Letter-Writing Campaign