Ignite Curriculum

The K-12 World Vision Ignite curriculum includes grade-specific lessons that captivate students in biblical themes of compassion, mercy, and justice for people living in poverty and vulnerability.

Through academics, engagement, and practical application, students will be trained to respond to poverty with transformative action; loving our neighbors—both globally and locally. Students will make real-world connections between foundational Scriptural truths, World Vision’s global development work, their own lived realities, and the lives of those around them.

Ignite’s K-12 curriculum is flexible and comes in multiple sizes to fit educators’ needs:

15-Lessons, 90 minutes each

This curriculum takes educators and learners on a grade-level appropriate journey. Together, they build background knowledge in thematic subject matter and practice applying their knowledge of global development best-practices through transformative action in their own community.

6-Lessons, as little as 30 minutes each

Adapted from the 15-lesson curriculum, this option provides educators with distilled lesson plans, honing in on key points to build background knowledge and engage learners with thematic subject matter.