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Experience the transformation of your congregation through the power of Chosen.

Learn how congregants across the country are being transformed by the simple act of allowing kids to choose them.

Why bring chosen to your church

“It was perhaps one of the most heaven on earth experiences I have ever had. I’m excited to see the vision of Chosen roll out especially for this generation because I believe it will touch that very part of their hearts where they long to make a difference in this world.  And I think it’s going to happen through Chosen..”

—Jeanne Stevens, Pastor, Soul City Church

Bring the Chosen ministry experience to your church! Inspire your congregation to go deeper in their relationships and in their faith, using Chosen as a powerful reminder that Jesus also choose us out of His great love.

Unify your church through Chosen
Foster connections across ages and cultures, disciple congregants, and convey the heart of the Gospel.

Proven, simple event planning
Our team helps you along the way. World Vision staff ensure you are fully equipped to execute Chosen at your church tactfully and simply.

More than humanitarian work
We’re a Christian organization that empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

Direct connection: Sponsors are in a one-to-one relationship with their child.
All who are Chosen can stay in relationship with the sponsored child through letter writing and visiting their sponsored children.

What is Chosen?

Chosen is the heart of the gospel – God chooses us, loves us, and sees us. God has inspired this new invitation to child sponsorship, where instead of us choosing a child, the child has the power to choose.

How Chosen at your church works

Invitation to your church

You congregation is invited to be chosen. They sign up and take the most epic photo, which is combined with the photos of everyone else at your church.

Children choose

Your photos are sent to a community around the world where staff are preparing a time for kids to choose their sponsors. Some kids have waited years to be chosen by a sponsor. Now it’s their turn to choose.

The big reveal

This is a powerful moment for your congregation! Each person who signed up will find out who chose them. They will receive a photo of their new sponsored child and a beautiful relationship begins.

Celebrate the transformation

When your church does Chosen, everyone who signs up sponsors kids from the same area. Joy travels both ways through love, prayers, and letters as you share the journey with these sponsored children and their families. Your monthly gifts help empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty — and you’ll receive regular updates of this progress along the way.

How Chosen at your church works?

Get Connected

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“So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”

— 1 Thessalonians 5:11