We are humanitarians, educators and storytellers.

We serve because of Jesus. The World Vision Ignite team exists to partner Christian schools in the US with learning and service opportunities in the US and around the world. We look forward to hearing from you.


MaryAnn Osborn

With a background in humanitarian advocacy and nonprofit management, MaryAnn leads the Ignite team. Her strategic mind was behind the development of much of the Ignite curriculum and experiences. James 2:18 'But someone will say, "You have faith; I have deeds." Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.'

Senior Manager

Erik Joller

Relationships are key to Erik's life, and he deeply cares about school administrators and their heart for the Gospel and the next generation. A background in tech startup has helped Erik become an innovator in both business development and partner management.

Senior School Advisor

John Sadler

A teacher, school administrator and advocate for Christian education, John takes great joy in combining his passion for students with his passion for empowering people out of poverty. John's a lifelong entrepreneur, who knows the sacrifice needed to see success in business.

Senior School Advisor

Ronnie Brock

Pastor, missionary, humanitarian and educator. Those are a few descriptors of Ronnie Brock, who has dedicated his life to ministry and seeing God work through the next generation. Ronnie also runs a farm and ranch, so when he's not visiting schools, he may be caring for his cows.

Partnership Manager

Andre Berry, M.Ed

A Christian educator and administrator for 20 years, Andre connects partner schools with unique student opportunities. Andre's deep hope is for students to find their purpose as God calls them to work on behalf of others in need, becoming leaders as they learn.

Partnership Manager

Julie Eckels

Growing up as a missionary kid in India and China, God put children living in poverty on Julie's heart. With her teaching license from Liberty University, Julie has worked in Christian schools in Delaware for eight years. She takes great joy in seeing US students make a lasting impact.

Head of Marketing

Derek Sciba

A passionate storyteller for good, Derek leads Ignite's marketing and publicity team. Derek takes joy in young people finding their place as Jesus-inspired change-makers in the world. You may find Derek with a camera at partner schools or participate in one of Derek's webinars.

Senior Writer

Lisa Anderson

With more than 20 years of writing and editing experience, Lisa loves to craft compelling stories. Years of service at World Vision and youth-oriented organizations have prepared Lisa for Ignite. You'll see her writing on the Ignite blog, showing the impact students can make in their communities and around the world.

Senior School Advisor

Pam Sibanda

Growing up in a developing country, Pam was exposed to poverty at an early stage. Pam and her family relocated to the U.S where she was exposed to a world that was different to what she had previously known. It was in this tension of the two contrasting worlds that the Lord began to grow her heart of compassion towards those that live in poverty and in lack. Pam is passionate about providing clean water to remote parts of the world and providing resources that help promote the safety and well-being of children.

Senior School Advisor

Chad McDaniel

Chad joined the World Vision Ignite team after nearly 20 years of pastoring churches and a one-year hiatus as a corporate chaplain. In addition to his obvious love for kids, he has a passion for impacting the lives of others through coaching youth and high school sports and running races for clean water. He also enjoys traveling to see the beauty and diversity of God’s creation.

Senior School Advisor

Bethany Layton

A dynamic leader who is a gifted collaborator, Bethany excels at communication and all things relational. She loves being able to mentor and serve others with her gifts, and finds joy in helping young people learn to live out their faith, right where they are. In her free time, Bethany is a runner and has completed several marathons to bring clean water to people in the developing world.

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