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Maternal and Child Health

World Vision helps bring medical care and increased understanding of health, nutrition and hygiene to children and families in need, through:

  • Emergency medical care
  • Training
  • Access to health resources

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Theodore Scott, World Vision’s water and sanitation manager, surveys water tanks at an displacement camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Cholera spreads through contaminated water. PHOTO: Meg Sattler / World Vision
Jun 28, 2013

USAID and World Vision join coalition to eliminate cholera from Haiti and the Dominican Republic

The USAID and World Vision today became the newest members of the Regional Coalition on Water and Sanitation to Eliminate Cholera in Hispaniola, an alliance of more than 20 agencies and associations supporting efforts to eliminate the transmission of cholera.

Drug shortage prolongs misery of worm-infected patients
Aug 13, 2013

Clinic drug shortage intensifies worm-infected patients’ misery

Too often, poverty renders basic medicines and supplies inaccessible at local clinics. When that happens, easily treatable ailments threaten the lives of young children like 2-year-old Stephen.

Aug 30, 2013

World Vision's Campaign for Every Child

The For Every Child campaign is the most far-reaching endeavor in World Vision’s history. Our goals are ambitious and the impact we hope to make would transform the lives of a generation of children.

Mosquito net effect in Mozambique
Jul 26, 2013

Mosquito net effect in Mozambique

In malaria-prone Mozambique, two girls live very different lives. One is protected by a mosquito net; the other is not. A handful of gossamer threads treated with insecticide makes all the difference.

Child labor: Children reveal horror of working in mines
Jun 12, 2013

Child labor: Children reveal horror of working in mines

The brutal reality of children working in mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the focus of a new World Vision report.

Relay woman evaluates child health
May 20, 2013

Child deaths drop to near zero in World Vision communities

In Niger, preventable child deaths have been steadily decreasing in World Vision communities, as more mothers learn how to best protect their children from disease and malnutrition.

Sponsorship gives new life to family and community in poverty
May 8, 2013

Sponsorship gives new life to family and community in poverty

In an urban slum in Peru, World Vision’s work is restoring hope for the families who live there, including Arnila and her children, who are sponsored. This mom went to beauty school with World Vision’s support and now runs her own salon.

World Vision receives Lifetime Acheivement Award
May 6, 2013

World Vision recognized for outstanding work in Kenya

World Vision has been presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for exceptional work in the areas of poverty eradication, access to education, gender empowerment, and health.