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Though Cheru and Kamama live 16 miles apart, for one, fetching water is a three-hour struggle; for the other, it’s a seven-minute stroll. Walk with them.
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Water within reach: Compare two 5-year-olds’ walk for water

Hunger is a problem that has plagued humanity for millennia, and it continues to haunt us. Join us in prayer for the hungry and the people working to feed them.

Matthew 25: Pray for the hungry

Refugee child from Aleppo, Syria.
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Syria refugee crisis: Facts you need to know

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Photos of worship and praise around the world

Monica uses a twig to clean Cheru’s teeth in a break from their long walk for water.
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6K walk for water: Moms bear the burden when water is scarce

Here are the water facts you should know as the world takes on the challenge to ensure access to clean water and sanitation for everyone worldwide by 2030.
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Water facts: Good news and a global challenge

A child in Peru reads a book.
Change Makers

Book picks to help you become a better global citizen

A woman in Sinazongwe Zambia, carries a baby on her back and container of water from a World Vision borehole on her head. Carrying water long distances can have lasting effects on one’s health, some research shows. (©2016 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)
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Carrying water can be a pain in the neck

Team World Vision members participate in the 2016 Global 6K for water. ©2016 Gameface Media/used with permission
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Global 6K for Water prep: What you need to know

With baby Haron tied to her back Monica makes milk tea for her children's breakfast.
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What’s in the water will make you sick

The recovery will be long for the survivors of recent landslides in Mocoa, Colombia. Hundreds of people were lost, and the local economy was devastated.
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Colombia landslides disaster: Aid needed for Mocoa city

Rachel Teodoro walks for water with women in Zambia.

Podcast with Russell Moore and Rachel Teodoro