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Isnino Siyat made it to Dadaab, a refugee camp in Kenya, with her husband and two children after walking for 10 days from their village in Somalia. She said the drought “finished both our livestock and our farm,” killing their five cows and 10 goats one by one over three months. Reaching Dadaab, Isnino was exhausted but had to make her own hut out of sticks, borrowed clothing scraps, and burlap sacks that once contained relief food. She worked alone while her husband was elsewhere in the camp, preparing for burial the body of their 3-year-old nephew, who died on the journey.
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Famine no more

As summer vacation draws near, catch a glimpse of how students around the world will spend their breaks this year.
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School’s out: Kids share their favorite summer activities

Here’s a famine definition and what you need to know about the unprecedented Africa hunger and food crisis affecting tens of millions of people.
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Africa hunger, famine facts: What you need to know

On a sweltering summer day, nothing is quite as refreshing as a cold citrus drink—and fresh lime soda is a favorite way to beat the heat in countries like India and Bangladesh. This easy lime soda recipe — it’s just a few ingredients — is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with your family and at summer barbecues.
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In the kitchen: Lime soda recipe

Syria refugee crisis: 5.1 million people have fled Syria's civil war as refugees, straining the region's ability to cope and to care for the needs of displaced children.
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Syrian refugee crisis: Facts you need to know

Nine years ago our writer Kari lived with a family for five days in Kenya. They shared their lives, hunger and poverty with her. In April, they reconnected.

5 days of hunger: Her last words


Podcast with Hillsong United

Millions of people face famine if the current hunger crisis in East Africa continues to worsen. Read their stories and learn how World Vision is responding.
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Facing famine: Battling hunger with hope in East Africa

Child sponsorship is at the heart of a couple’s desire to care for children well into the future. But since Tom and Jill Demske couldn’t sponsor a thousand children, they found other ways to multiply their impact.
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Becoming ‘God-sufficient’: Child sponsors expand their hearts for the poor

World Vision photographer Laura Reinhardt saw heartbreaking need during a recent trip to Bangladesh, but she also captured the hope of children there.
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Life frames: Capturing the confidence of children in Bangladesh

Oumayma and her son Ali fled with their family after their home town in Iraq was hit by bombs. (©2015 World Vision, Jo Currie)
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Iraq crisis, Mosul FAQ: How the conflict affects children, families

A former sponsored child in India now helps other children reach for their potential.
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Former sponsored child builds on his own empowerment to help others