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Drought in the Horn of Africa is expected to cause 20 million people to need emergency food assistance.
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Fallout: When hunger has no borders

A Cambodian girl in red checkered pants and a bright green jacket sits on outdoor steps as she smiles toward a woman in a blue polka-dotted shirt.
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No longer locked out of learning

Three children wearing winter coats and hats and holding baked goods and treats face two World Vision staff members in heavy orange vests, a woman on the left and a man on the right.
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Voices of Ukraine war: Praying through the crisis

World Vision offers training to pastors so they can make a difference in the lives of their youth just as Pastor Raul David Vasquez did in Jordy’s life.
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From gangs to gospel: How a church spreads hope in Honduras

World Vision relies on volunteers like Tammy Wells to help ready donations to distribute to the most vulnerable in the United States.
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Volunteering helps a West Virginia widow heal

A group of Zambian children pray while sitting around a white pot.
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Hope and joy abound after family in Zambia receives goats

A Zambian girl in a blue dress looks toward photos hanging on strings.
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Chileleko chooses her sponsor

A close-up of two hands holding a brass bracelet.
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Choose joy: These artisan-made gifts give back

Ever, 16, and his mom, Carmen, are part of a thriving community in Yamaranguila, Honduras. The community has benefitted from World Vision’s child sponsorship and community development model.
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Child sponsorship helps families thrive at home in Honduras

A smiling woman and young girl hold piglets in a field.
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How pigs are transforming a family’s future in Guatemala

A child bundled against the cold is carried by an adult onto a bus, which is taking them away from the war in Ukraine.
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Helping refugees from Ukraine during a time of crisis

A bowl filled with a Kenyan recipe called githeri, which consists of red beans, corn, and tomatoes.
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In the kitchen: Githeri recipe

Satellite image shows Hurricane Ian on its path to Florida
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2022 Hurricane Ian: Facts, FAQs, and how to help