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On Tuesday 4 August Beirut, Lebanon was stunned by a huge explosion in Beirut port leaving behind thousands of casualties and massive destruction in the entire city. Huwaida holds her son Ahmad, 9, in their house in front of the glass window that broke in Nabaa, a suburb of Beirut.
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Lebanon: Beirut explosion facts and how to help

Coronavirus prayer: A new coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world. As infections and the death toll rise, we turn to God for wisdom and comfort.

Prayers for people affected by the new coronavirus

New York City has been worst-affected by the Coronavirus in the United States.World Vision’s Family Emergency Kits are distributed at Iglesia Sol De Justicia church in Brooklyn. The local school district identified vulnerable families to receive aid during the COVID-19 crisis.
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What is the coronavirus? Facts, symptoms, and how to help

Handwashing is important in reducing your exposure to and the transmission of the new coronavirus, among other illnesses. But do you know how to properly wash your hands? It may be more complicated than you think.
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How to wash your hands properly

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the news and daily conversations, which can be scary for children. Learn how to talk to kids about the coronavirus.
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How to talk to your kids about the coronavirus

World Vision sponsored child Macharia hugs a letter that he just received from his sponsor. Travel along with a letter to a sponsored child to learn all the steps involved in getting it from your desk to the child’s hands and then the child’s response back to you.
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Writing your sponsored child: What happens behind the scenes

Learn how to create or update your will today using a free online tool. Leave a legacy to help protect your loved ones and help vulnerable families too.
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How to create a will and leave a legacy

No matter where you live, there's always something special about coming home. Home blogger Abby Lawson shares what she learned about a thriving home while visiting Ecuador.

How to create a thriving home wherever you are and worldwide

Eight-year-old Ireen dips her cup into a pool in Malawi.
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Walking for water determines Ireen’s future in Malawi

World Vision U.S. President Edgar Sandoval Sr. shows off his clean hands after participating in a session of WASH UP!, a World Vision partnership with Sesame Street, with children in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras. WASH UP! brings meaningful sanitation and hygiene education to kids through storybooks, games, videos, and teacher training materials that make healthy habits easy to understand, practice, and adopt.

From the World Vision U.S. president: Finding hope amid the coronavirus

Seventeen-year-old Akhi makes and sells low-cost masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in her community in Bangladesh. People around the world are using their talents, skills, and possessions to overcome obstacles so they can serve others in the time of COVID-19.
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Overcoming needs by using God-given talents to serve

Whether you’re seeking to expand your knowledge of Scripture or a fresh and fun perspective on your faith, here’s a list of Christian podcasts to consider.
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Best Christian podcasts to grow your faith

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Coronavirus: United in suffering, and united in responding