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Since December 2013, 1.9 million people have fled the country because of conflict and hunger. Uganda now hosts more than 1 million refugees from South Sudan.
From the Field

South Sudan: Conflict, hunger, and the threats to children

Here’s a famine definition and what you need to know about the unprecedented Africa hunger and food crisis affecting tens of millions of people.
From the Field

Africa hunger, famine facts: What you need to know

Syrians desperately hope for peace, and children shouldn’t grow up in a war zone. Pray for Syria, whose people are enduring their seventh year of civil war.

Hope in hard places: Pray for Syria

Syria refugee crisis: 5.1 million people have fled Syria's civil war as refugees, straining the region's ability to cope and to care for the needs of displaced children.
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Syrian refugee crisis: Facts you need to know

Urbanization has changed the face of poverty and how World Vision works. We went to India to talk to seven families about their experiences.
Special Features

Life in urban India: 7 families, 7 journeys

World Vision mobilizes various “actors” in the community to come together, work together, get equipped to do more, and learn to speak into the halls of power whether locally or nationally — and find their own voice.

Witnessing the ‘voiceless’ find their voice

We covet your prayers for those in need, for World Vision’s work, and our staff as we walk alongside millions who are on their journey from poverty to life in all its fullness.

Pray for World Vision’s ministry

This World Humanitarian Day, 8-year-old Sadia shares her tribute to World Vision humanitarian staff in Niger and how the team helped her grandmother.

World Humanitarian Day: ‘No one paid attention to my cries’

Hunger in Kenya robbed Peter and Samson of their parents in March. Peter, the family’s rock, is afraid now, while Samson is angry but tries to be strong.

Hunger crisis: ‘When I get angry is when I pray’

How is God calling you to love others? Blogger Katie Bodell describes her journey from desperation to action and how she found hope.

A life full of love for the world

Humanitarian aid workers serve on the front lines of conflicts worldwide. In 2013, two World Vision aid workers paid the ultimate price in Darfur, Sudan.
From the Field

Darfur, Sudan: Fallen aid workers remembered

This podcast we talk with Michael Wear, founder of Public Square Strategies and former White House staffer who worked on faith-based initiatives during President Barack Obama’s first term. Wear led evangelical outreach and helped to manage The White House’s engagement on religious and values issues, including adoption and anti-human trafficking efforts.

Podcast with former White House staffer Michael Wear