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Responding to crisis, the hospital ship Solidarity
From the Field

Responding to the crisis in one of the most remote places in the world

Coronavirus prayer: A new coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world. As infections and the death toll rise, we turn to God for wisdom and comfort.

Prayers for people affected by the new coronavirus

New York City has been worst-affected by the Coronavirus in the United States.World Vision’s Family Emergency Kits are distributed at Iglesia Sol De Justicia church in Brooklyn. The local school district identified vulnerable families to receive aid during the COVID-19 crisis.
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What is the coronavirus? Facts, symptoms, and how to help

Handwashing is important in reducing your exposure to and the transmission of the new coronavirus, among other illnesses. But do you know how to properly wash your hands? It may be more complicated than you think.
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How to wash your hands properly

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the news and daily conversations, which can be scary for children. Learn how to talk to kids about the coronavirus.
Change Makers

How to talk to your kids about the coronavirus

Learn more about the diversity and inclusion work World Vision is doing internally as well as externally with church partners.
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3 ways World Vision is fighting racial bias and injustice

Despite tremendous progress in ending global poverty, in sub-Saharan Africa poverty levels have increased.
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Global poverty: Facts, FAQs, and how to help

Child sponsorship prepared Lenny Lyn, a former sponsored child in the Philippines, to respond to COVID-19.
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Former sponsored child takes on COVID-19 in fear and faith

Eight-year-old Ireen dips her cup into a pool in Malawi.
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Walking for water determines Ireen’s future in Malawi

Twelve-year-old Collins in Mwala, Kenya, was one of the first children to choose his sponsor. He chose Joel from Chicago. Sponsorship is transforming children’s lives in his community.
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How World Vision fights the secondary effects of COVID-19

Goats have helped created a better life for 7-year-old Loveness and her family.
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Goats offer a safety net for families in Zambia

Ten-year-old Genesis and her mother, Wendy, pray for their country, the planet, and for peace. Join us in prayer for justice in our hurting world using Scriptures. Use our guide to offer up intercessory prayers of lamentation, repentance, and restoration.

A prayer for justice and healing using the Scriptures

Desert scene in Jordan. When dealing with issues around racial justice, look no further than Jesus’ parable of the good Samaritan for a roadmap of how to be a better neighbor.

The Good Samaritan as a roadmap toward racial justice