VIDEO: A special bond between a child and his sponsor

Sponsorship is often described in terms of the assistance it brings to a child, family, and community. But the story of Debora in the United States and her sponsored boy in Malawi highlights a relationship that goes well beyond just physical benefits.

Published July 2, 2012 at 12:00am PDT

Sponsorship is about equipping a child, family, and community with the life-giving basics they need to escape poverty — like nutritious food, clean water, medical care, safe shelter, and education.

But it’s about much more than that, too, as illustrated by the story of Andrea in Malawi and his sponsor, Debora, in Gig Harbor, Washington.

“I would love to visit him someday,” says Debora. “I feel that I probably get more than I give in this relationship.”

Watch the video to find out how this mother of three in Washington state formed a special bond with a child half a world away in Malawi.

Want to develop a similar relationship with a boy or girl in need? Sponsor a child today in Malawi or another country of your choice.

You’ll help provide poverty-fighting essentials to the child, his or her family, and an entire community. But more than that, you’ll have the opportunity to form a special, loving bond with a boy or girl who will know your name, receive your letters, and feel your prayers. It’s a relationship that can be just as meaningful to the sponsor as it is to the child.

Already a sponsor? You can also make a one-time donation to our Sponsorship Ministry Fund. This fund helps provide support to children who are still waiting to be sponsored around the world.