"Whether it’s kids in Bangladesh, Uganda, or Honduras, I see a lot of me in them. Though their situation is much harder than mine was, I see their potential. I see their smarts. And I feel a tremendous responsibility to empower them with opportunities."

Edgar Sandoval Sr. President and CEO

Edgar Sandoval Sr. is the current President and CEO of World Vision U.S. Born in Los Angeles, Sandoval grew up in Central and South America, where he first witnessed poverty. His own experience with hardship came at age 18, when he returned alone to the U.S. with only $50 in his pocket.

“It’s true everywhere we work: World Vision staff responding to the needs of the most vulnerable children and communities in dire circumstances and in the highest risk situations. That’s what we are called to. That’s what we’ve done for more than 70 years. One staff member in Latin America said it best: our response to this pandemic is not business as usual. It is mission as usual.”

Edgar Sandoval Sr.
President and CEO

A champion of diversity and inclusion throughout his career, Edgar pioneered multicultural marketing at P&G and in 2009 won the Change Agent award from ADCOLOR, an organization advancing diversity in the advertising industry. At World Vision, one of Edgar’s key priorities is building a more diverse workforce and donor base.

Edgar cherishes faith and family above all. His wife, Leiza, is a former teacher who was born and raised in Puerto Rico. The Sandovals live near Seattle, Washington, and they have four children, including two daughters with special needs. Edgar’s understanding of the potential of every child, instilled in him while raising his daughters, is an asset to World Vision’s mission to empower the world’s most vulnerable children to take hold of their futures.