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Child Soldiers

Around the world, an estimated 250,000 children—some as young as 7—are involved in armed conflicts. Children are exploited in state-run armies, paramilitaries, and rebel groups. Coerced, enticed or abducted, these children serve as combatants, porters, spies, human mine detectors and sex slaves; their health and lives are endangered and their childhoods are sacrificed.

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A congregation member shares information about Ebola prevention and treatment following a church service in Bo District, Sierra Leone. PHOTO: World Vision/Jonathan Bundu
Jul 31, 2015

Effective Community Engagement Helped Contain Epidemic, Protect Children and Families, says Aid Agency

Efforts by faith leaders, teachers, parents and government helped inform citizens about risk factors for Ebola, dispel fear and stigma

Child trafficking survivor begins new life at recovery center
Jul 29, 2015

Child trafficking survivor begins new life at trauma recovery center

July 30 is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Kolab* is a human trafficking survivor in Cambodia, now on the road to a full life; but millions of other children like Kolab are still vulnerable to trafficking because of their desperate circumstances.

Cover of the report 'After the Earthquake: Nepal's children speak out
Jul 25, 2015

New report: children express fears and insecurity following devastating Nepal earthquakes

Children call for better shelter solutions, more education so they are prepared ahead of the next natural disaster.

A safe place for children living in a brothel
Jul 8, 2015

A safe place for children living in a brothel

In Bangladesh, Sonali and her sister live at the Hat Khola brothel with their mother. During the day, Sonali attends a World Vision Child-friendly Space where she plays, draws, and dances. It’s a safe place in a dangerous world.

Syrian refugee boy escapes life as a child laborer
Jun 28, 2015

Syrian refugee boy escapes life as a child laborer

Absi fled Syria with his sister and mom. He should be in school, but he has been skipping class to work up to 12 hours a day as a parking garage attendant.

Blog: Fighting child sacrifice with pierced ears in Uganda
Jun 30, 2015

Blog: Fighting child sacrifice with pierced ears in Uganda

In certain districts of Uganda, child sacrifice is a real danger. An Amber Alert program is helping to recover children that have been taken.

World Vision 2015 Gift Catalog (cover)
Jun 23, 2015

World Vision Gift Catalog 20th Anniversary

Over the past 20 years 790,000 donors have given life-changing gifts through World Vision's Gift Catalog — such as goats, clean water, food and education — helping 7.3 million people in need around the world.

Zakaria and his family live in a small shelter in Azraq refugee camp after fleeing their home in Syria. The family's biggest wish for 2015 is that the war in Syria will stop so they can return home. PHOTO: World Vision / Suzy Sainovski
Jun 22, 2015

Record-high displacement figures are "wake-up call" for world leaders, says World Vision

World Vision is calling for increased support for refugee children, as new figures show that more than 29 million children around the world have been forced to flee their homes – a number greater than the entire population of Texas.