World Vision highlights race against time in Papua New Guinea, saying humanitarian support crucial for landslide recovery

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  • Immediate needs include clean water, food, shelter supplies, blankets, mosquito nets and sanitation facilities and hygiene kits to help prevent disease outbreaks.
  • A coordinated international response is crucial to provide essential supplies and ensure the safety of surviving children and families.

PORT MORESBY (May 28, 2024) — Global humanitarian organization World Vision is responding to the devastating landslide in Papua New Guinea that is feared to have killed as many as 2,000 people and has left thousands more without basic necessities and at risk of further danger. Joint assessments conducted by government disaster management authorities, U.N. agencies and humanitarian agencies like World Vision reveal that Friday’s disaster has impacted nearly 7,900 people and completely destroyed Tulipari village.

Early reports from the United Nations estimated 670 fatalities; however, that number is expected to rise. Papua New Guinea government officials have estimated that over 2,000 people were buried by debris. The true scale of the disaster remains unclear due to limited communication and the ongoing search efforts.

“We are in dire need of a multi-sector response,” said Chris Jensen, World Vision’s national director in Papua New Guinea. “Our hearts go out to the children and families forced to live in open areas with inadequate shelter. The health and protection risks they face from cold temperatures and unsanitary conditions are deeply concerning.”

Children and families now living in exposed areas with limited supplies face a multitude of challenges, including a lack of food, shelter, blankets, mosquito nets and other basic necessities, as well as a heightened risk of disease outbreaks due to unsanitary conditions, including the decay of bodies trapped beneath debris through which water is flowing.

“The international community’s support is essential. We urgently need resources and assistance to improve living conditions and safeguard the health and well-being of the affected children and families. This is a critical moment for action,” Jensen said.

World Vision staff in Papua New Guinea are working alongside other humanitarian actors and the nation’s government to support landslide-affected communities. Our immediate response plan includes the delivery of water purifying tablets, hygiene kits, shelter supplies, kitchen kits, blankets and other essential supplies, as well as child protection awareness raising and training. However, the scale of the devastation demands a coordinated international response. Urgent support is needed to provide essential supplies, improve living conditions, and ensure the safety and well-being of all affected children and families.

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