World Vision unites with The Power of Nutrition, Kirk Humanitarian Foundation to jointly tackle malnutrition in Zambia

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  • Partnership to deliver a $2.8 million program tackling maternal malnutrition
  • World Vision will promote more effective supplementation to reduce poor maternal nutrition and birth outcomes
  • The program will help save the lives of mothers and babies in Zambia

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA (March 16, 2023) — Global humanitarian organization World Vision is partnering with The Power of Nutrition and Kirk Humanitarian to deliver a $2.8 million program addressing malnutrition in Zambia. The program will support a transition from iron and folic acid (IFA) for pregnant women to multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS), alongside other efforts to help save the lives of mothers and children in three provinces of Zambia over a two-and-a-half year period.

Transitioning pregnant women to MMS will improve maternal nutrition and birth outcomes in Zambia.  Poor maternal nutrition is a known cause in Zambia of low birth weight, which is closely linked with infant mortality. Historically, Zambia has focused on IFA supplementation during pregnancy to boost iron levels and prevent maternal anemia. Global research shows that MMS is a more effective option in preventing poor maternal nutrition, providing not only iron and folic acid but also 13 other essential micronutrients including selenium, zinc and B vitamins.

World Vision is a global leader in upgrading health facilities and training health workers in the developing world. Working closely with the Zambian Ministry of Health, World Vision will support implementation of the switch to MMS, as well as promote approaches such as breastfeeding, deworming, vitamin A supplementation, and capacity building for health workers and community-based volunteers who support expecting mothers during pregnancy and birth.

Wezi Kaira, Integrated Programs Director at World Vision’s Zambia office, said, “We anticipate this project will go a long way in reducing poor birth outcomes such as low birth weight and pre-term birth. The benefits of the project will go beyond the pregnant women and children and will extend to health system strengthening through the capacity development of health workers and community-based volunteers.”

Over the next two and a half years, World Vision expects the implementation of the program to prevent the death of an additional 2,390 children in Zambia. With the yield benefits 331 times greater than the costs, it is hoped that MMS will be adopted more widely across the whole country and contribute to wider efforts to see MMS adopted in place of IFA across Africa and Asia.

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