Sponsored child Serah chooses her sponsor.
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You are among the first church leaders to hear about an incredible, new experience the World Vision believes God is using in miraculous way to change hearts and congregations.

See what happens when a child is empowered to choose. And, see what happens in a congregation when people are put in the position of being #chosen.

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What is Chosen?

Chosen is a ministry experience for churches built around a universal need that lives within each of us. The desire we all feel to be seen and known by another. The longing we feel to be chosen—to feel that we matter.

Chosen reminds us that choosing to believe in each other gives us a greater sense of purpose, and helps us experience the fullness of life Jesus talks about in John 10:10. And it offers the chance—through sponsorship, to empower the kids we serve with real choices, so they can become agents of lasting change.

Is Chosen different than sponsorship?

Chosen is not a “different sponsorship product/model” – it is a new invitation to sponsorship.

Think of it like this:
Same Sponsorship Product & Development Model that Empowers Children, Communities, and Sponsors
+ Plus, a New Invitation to be Chosen by a Child for the First Time Ever
= Equals Life-Changing Transformation for Everyone Involved

Can you help me plan Chosen at my church?

Yes! After you fill out the learn more form, we’ll get in touch to share more about Chosen and help you plan out this life-changing experience.

Sign up to learn more about bringing Chosen to your church today!

Sign up to learn more about bringing Chosen to your church today!

The power to choose in a child’s hands
Transform your church with #chosen

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