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Best Christian podcasts to grow your faith

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Looking for a faith-based podcast? Whether you’re seeking to expand your knowledge of Scripture or learn a fresh and fun perspective on your faith, here’s a list of Christian podcasts to consider.

  • Daily Grace: Hosted by Joanna Kimbrel and Stefanie Boyles, this podcast encourages women to deepen their Bible studies and increase their understanding of God’s presence in their lives.
  • Be the Bridge with Latasha Morrison: Latasha, a best-selling and award-winning author, is a compelling voice in the fight for racial justice. Her vision is to make sure people are no longer conditioned by a racialized society but grounded in truth.
  • Fight Hustle, End Hurry: Listen in as author and pastor John Mark Comer and author Jefferson Bethke discuss hustle and hurry, how they’re detrimental to our spiritual lives, and what we can do about it as acts of resistance.
  • Dr. Dharius Daniels: Dharius and guests explore questions of faith, life, and culture each week.
  • BibleProject: Pastor Tim Mackie and writer Jon Collins take listeners on a journey through Scripture passages in this popular series also available in illustrated videos.
  • Pray the Word: Host, author, and pastor David Platt offers brief meditations for prayer and reflection, perfect for your daily commute.
  • The Gospel Coalition: Check out interviews, sermons, and more featuring prominent pastors and theologians from TGC’s national, regional, and women’s conferences.
  • That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs: Annie, a Christian author and speaker, shares her perspective on contemporary Christian topics, mixing it up with guest interviews, chats, and reviews of books, restaurants, travel, and music.
  • WHOA That’s Good: Sadie Robertson Huff of “Duck Dynasty” hosts a fun and inspirational podcast where she asks people of influence for their best advice.
  • Right Side Up: Right Side Up is a new video podcast by World Vision and Danielle Strickland, an influential author, speaker, and voice on faith and justice. Danielle explores the invitation of Jesus through the Beatitudes, offering ideas for how to adjust our lives accordingly.
  • The Holy Post: Hosted by theologian and author Phil Vischer, this podcast discusses current events and culture from a Christian perspective.
  • Ask NT Wright Anything: New Testament scholar, theologian, and Anglican bishop N.T. Wright answers questions submitted by listeners about the Bible and Christianity.
  • Rebuilders: Host Daniel Grothe navigates the challenges of an increasingly secular society, offering insights for churches, leaders, and believers on how to rebuild what’s broken.
  • Made for This: Jennie Allen, founder of IF:Gathering, encourages women to discover their calling and live it out, offering spiritual guidance and insights on Christian living.
  • The Voice of the Martyrs Online: Host Todd Nettleton shares the testimonies of brothers and sisters suffering for their faith in Christ, amplifying the voices of persecuted Christians and offering insights into their experiences and challenges.
  • Risen Motherhood: Christian mothers Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler share the ups and downs of everyday experiences of their lives with little ones, through the lens of the gospel.
  • Legacy Dads: Fathers, this one is for you! The podcast covers every topic facing Christian dads today: marriage, parenting, social issues, theology, and more.
  • Plugged In: Focus on the Family offers family-friendly guidance on entertainment, pop culture, and technology from a Biblical worldview — and access to Christian resources.
  • Courageous Parenting: Homeschooling parents-of-nine Isaac and Angie Tolpin seek to help you equip your children with Christian values in an ever-changing world.
  • Focus on the Family Parenting Podcast: Experts and guests provide biblical insights and practical advice on parenting, marriage, and family relationships.
  • Jesus is Better: Host Alicia Yoder encourages kids to build their faith and talk about the choices people made — whether to follow God’s plan or their own plan. Children travel story by story through the Bible, and each story features Jesus.
  • Kids Bible Stories: Making theology easy to understand, host Jessica White shares the Bible with young listeners, helping connect the dots of how the Bible applies to their lives.
  • Paws and Tales: From the imagination of Chuck Swindoll, Paws and Tales is about woodland critters that learn about God and life.
  • Brinkman Adventures: Follow the journeys of the Brinkman family as they travel the globe and share the gospel. This audio show dramatizes true missionary stories, incorporating professional media production to engage kids and inspire future missionaries.
  • The Bible for Kids: Mike Nawrocki (“VeggieTales” co-creator and voice of Larry the Cucumber) and author and homeschool mom Sarah Humphrey present resources from publishers and ministry partners to help your children gain biblical insights.

You can tune in to these podcasts through various platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcasts.

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