Drought in the Horn of Africa is expected to cause 20 million people to need emergency food assistance.

Today, up to 50 million people in countries — including 21 million children — face starvation. Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen are experiencing catastrophic, near-famine conditions.

Experts anticipate that the war in Ukraine will exacerbate this crisis in 2022, as conflict restricts global food supplies, drives up prices, and threatens already-vulnerable people and countries.

We invite you to explore a photo exhibition as the global hunger crisis reaches unprecedented levels. Hosted by World Vision, through this curated exhibition of our staff’s powerful pictures and stories we seek to raise awareness and spur conversation. And, together, we can protect the world’s most vulnerable from the devastating impacts of hunger.

At World Vision, our goal is to reach 22 million people who face life-threatening hunger. We’re responding with life-saving food aid, access to clean water, health and nutrition programming, and child protection. Thanks to our extensive operational presence worldwide and expertise in food and nutrition programming, we are uniquely positioned to respond to the global hunger crisis. As the World Food Programme’s largest implementing partner worldwide, we step into food crises and other disasters to save lives and provide immediate support. When the situation improves, we continue to support communities as they recover and build their capacity to provide food for themselves and their families. And with your help, we can equip children and families with the means to fight hunger and achieve food security.

End the use of hunger as a weapon.


Join us in protecting those who face hunger around the globe.


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