How can your school, church, or community impact the world? Go through the steps below to choose a service opportunity.


OPTION 1: World Vision Kits: Build a kit with a group.

OPTION 2: Choose your own cause through World Vision’s list of causes to support.
(continue steps 2-4 below if you choose this option)

OPTION 3: Choose something from the Gift Catalog.
(continue steps 2-4 below if you choose this option)


Now that you have chosen yourcause, consider the following:

  • Can you advocate for your cause through World Vision’s Advocacy Center?

    • Read, research, and learn more about the topic on a governmental level. Then use the sample emails on the Action Center page to “use your voice,” and send to your representatives on this issue.

    • Spread the word: set up a letter writing/advocacy campaign at your school/church.

  • If you can’t advocate for your cause on a governmental level, can you find out how this particular cause could make a difference in someone’s life?


Now that you have done the research, can you identify the following?

  • Why does this matter to you? 

  • What impact do you want to have?

  • Dream Big! – come up with a $ amount you want to raise.

  • Make a plan. How will you go about creating this impact?  

  • Need ideas on how to raise support? We can help! Download these fundraising ideas or email us at [email protected].


Share your impact.

  • Complete the requirements for your school’s assignment expectations.

  • Share your impact with World Vision (complete the form below).

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