Help women lead

their families out of poverty

Help Women Lead

Their Families Out of Poverty

Every woman and her family
deserves the chance to overcome poverty and thrive

Every woman and her family
deserves the chance to overcome poverty and thrive

80 cents of every dollar earned by women is invested in their children. When you invest in hard-working moms, you are giving their children a better future.

Beata (pictured) is a beautiful example of how helping women overcome poverty can have a domino effect, changing the lives of their children and even entire communities. She had big dreams and it all started with a loan for a single sewing machine. Her business hasn’t stopped growing since and she’s now able to provide for her own family and is helping others in her community do the same.

You can help change more lives like this with a gift today. Even more so, because your gift will multiply 2.6X in impact through financial leverage.

  • $250 can provide loans for two women enabling them to earn incomes.
  • $750 can help six women create a better future for their children.
  • $1,500 can help 12 women succeed in their own businesses to provide for their families.

The world’s poor is made up of 70 percent women, and most don’t even have access to a simple bank account. Yet moms are fiercely determined to make a better life for their children. You can help them succeed.

 “… establish the work of our hands for us – yes, establish the work of our hands.” 

— Psalm 90:17

Watch Jacqueline’s story and see how a single loan started her successful journey of providing for her family and helping her community.

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