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COVID-19 Toolkit

Each faith community and wider geographical area is in a different stage of responding to the coronavirus. Wherever you are at, it is our prayer that we may all lean on God during these troubling times and that this guide would equip you to lead well despite the ever-changing circumstances.

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Pastoral Care, Prayer


A prayer practice for those who follow Jesus and choose to live lives of love. Infinitum is a rhythm to help center your mind and body during prayer using simple physical postures of Surrender, Generosity, and Mission.

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Pastoral Care, Prayer

Global Prayer Guide from World Vision

Praying together for your church, your community and countries affect by COVID-19. We’ve provided prayer prompts, bible verses and ways to pray for specific countries through World Vision’s response as well as prayer requests from our staff around the world.

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Church Planning

Global 6K for Water

Your church is called to do great things for the Kingdom, both locally and globally! When your church hosts the Global 6K for Water, you open the door for friends, family and anyone in your community outside your church to see the transformation Jesus offers by providing clean water to children in need.

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Pastoral Care, Prayer

Matthew 25 Challenge

The Matthew 25 Challenge is an immersive way to connect with those living in poverty. For seven days, families will step out of their comfort zones through a daily sacrificial challenge, bringing to life Jesus’ call in Matthew 25. Daily challenges help open people’s eyes to the realities that many children and communities around the world face. Challenges include activities like sleeping on the floor as many refugees do around the world, skipping a meal as hungry children do every day and only drinking water as you learn about the global water crisis.

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