Our Unique Impact Multipliers

World Vision’s unique impact multipliers enable us to leverage our organizational distinctives, to meet and often exceed our global water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) goals, and to elevate our leadership ability.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration

World Vision recognizes the need for strategic WASH partnerships at global, regional, and local levels; across all sectors of society including private, public, and civil society organizations/nongovernmental organizations; and across entities of all sizes from local organizations to multinational corporations. Learn more about our clean water partnerships here.

Multi-Sectoral Approaches

World Vision’s approach is grounded in delivering multi-sectoral community-based solutions. As a priority sector, WASH is recognized as essential to a community’s transformation and resilience. However, development that achieves child well-being objectives can only be accomplished through the effective integration of WASH with the other priority sectors of health and nutrition, food security and livelihoods, economic development, education, and child protection.

Long-Term Commitment

World Vision’s long-term commitments to communities enables the environment required for WASH programs to grow, thrive, and impact holistic transformation over time. An average commitment of 10 to 15 years in every community where we work provides a foundation for continuity in program delivery, incremental growth, and integration of WASH within other sectors, allowing time for behavior change, advocacy, and adoption of sustainable practices.

Global Footprint and Localized Expertise

World Vision currently implements some level of WASH programming in 55 countries, including the 41 countries in our business plan. While this positions World Vision as one of the largest nongovernmental providers of clean water in low-and middle-income countries, the ability to deliver at scale is enabled by locally led WASH efforts, guided by national priorities, and backed by a strategic global operation. More than 1,200 dedicated WASH staff members work on the ground in the communities and districts of World Vision’s program areas.

Faith Engagement

As a Christian, faith-based organization, World Vision is uniquely positioned to engage and mobilize local religious leaders from across faiths as agents of change and advocates for WASH programs and behaviors. Within all contexts where World Vision works—even in the most restrictive—whether the communities identify as Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or another religion, we strive to be intentional about leveraging our Christian identity in sensitive and appropriate ways.