What World Vision Does

Our Global Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Program priority intervention areas include:

Water supply

Bringing life-changing clean water to the forgotten, the marginalized, and the vulnerable has been central to World Vision’s mission and organizational identity since the inception of our WASH programming. Read more here.

Sanitation and hygiene

Motivated by results from the World Vision 14-country WASH evaluation showing deficits across the sector and the need to continue to investigate root causes, World Vision has prioritized greater attention on sanitation and hygiene over the next five years to maximize our impact on child well-being. Read more here.

Governance and finance

Improved WASH governance—from improved community-based management approaches to strengthened regulatory oversight—represents one of the most important enablers for achieving progress under Sustainable Development Goal 6 (water and sanitation for all) and ensuring long-term sustainability of our work. Read more here.

Water security and resilience

The sustained availability of water—both in sufficient quantity and adequate quality—is fundamental to the successful expansion of safe drinking water services under Sustainable Development Goal 6. Embracing strategies for integrated water resource management enables the strengthening of water systems while improving the management of the upstream water resources on which those services depend. Read more here.

Behavior-change practices and the themes of gender equality and social inclusion are integrated across all intervention areas.