Videos: A glimpse into the lives of displaced and refugee children in Syria and South Sudan

Stories of Syria’s lost generation

Amid shattered dreams and broken hearts in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, refugee children like Ali, Hassan, Nour, Marie, and Ayat share their stories of survival, loss, pain, and hardship.

Syrian refugee families endure cold winter

The new year brings freezing temperatures and snowfall to refugees living in Lebanon.

Displaced children recount fighting in South Sudan

As violence escalates in South Sudan, more and more children are witnesses to or victims of attacks.

Syrian refugee children draw their dreams

For many Syrian children, dreams can be very scary, while others simply dream of returning to the country they love and miss.

Distributing food at a camp in South Sudan for the displaced

World Vision’s Brian Duss talks about a food distribution at a United Nations-operated protection of civilians camp for internally displaced people in Juba, South Sudan.

Tour a Child-Friendly Space for refugee children in Lebanon

Child-Friendly Spaces provide stability for children in post-disaster or conflict settings.

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