Giving a Special Gift

Give your sponsored child a Special Gift

Your monthly donations and prayers for your sponsored child are such a generous gift! But what if you’d like to give a little extra so your child can enjoy a special surprise? In most sponsorship countries, you can give a Special Gift above and beyond your regular donation to provide extra things your child and their family need. Please note that all Special Gift donations must be a minimum of $100. To help ensure your gift goes as far as possible to help meet your sponsored child and their family’s unique needs, each Special Gift must be $100-$200. 25% of all gifts under $200 and any amount over $200 will go to help your child’s community.

Based on the needs of your sponsored child, our local staff will take your child and their family shopping to select things like school supplies, clothing, livestock, or something else they could really use. The entire community also can benefit from gifts like agricultural tools, building supplies, support for a local school or clinic, or a water tank.

Special gift FAQs

How will I find out what my gift purchased?

You’ll receive a thank-you letter from your sponsored child and a picture of what your donation purchased, and how it is making a difference. Please allow at least four months to receive a response.

Why is there a minimum donation of $100?

Our field staff has requested this minimum. They found that a $100 minimum enables them to purchase meaningful, impactful gifts. We want to make the best use of your donation for your child, and we want to be good stewards of our field staff’s time and resources. It can take a considerable amount of time and fuel for our staff to travel to the (often remote) villages where many sponsored children live.

Why are gifts over $200 shared with the community?

Since the best way to help a child, and to help all children thrive, is to strengthen their entire community, 25% of all gifts under $200 and any amount over $200 will go to help your child’s community. (Please note that gifts for the community may not be acknowledged in the thank-you letter you receive from your sponsored child. However, be assured that your gifts are being used wisely, and may be reflected in your annual Community Accomplishments Newsletter.)

How often can I give a gift?

We have been asked by our field staff to limit the number of special gifts given to an individual child to no more than 1 per year. The primary reason is to reduce jealousy in the community. It also takes considerable time for World Vision staff to process, which takes them away from caring for the well-being of all children in the community.

Are there any country restrictions?

Special Gifts are not available in Lebanon.

Give your sponsored child a Special Gift

Feel free to call us at 1-888-511-6512 if you have additional questions about Special Gifts.

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