Sending a Greeting Card

Colorful greeting cards for your sponsored child

If you’re a sponsor, we’ll send you fun greeting cards several times a year for you to sign, write a quick message, and return to us for delivery to your sponsored child, reminding them how loved and important they are.

Kids love them!

Children are filled with joy when they receive these colorful cards. Imagine a group of eager boys and girls waiting for the cards to be distributed, hoping for their name to be called to receive this special surprise from you!

Helping cover the cost of mailing

Including a small donation to help cover overseas delivery costs is optional, but appreciated.  To make sure your sponsored child receives a card, all you have to do is sign it and drop it in the mail.

Types of greeting cards

We’ll send you cards for occasions such as:

  • Your sponsored child’s birthday
  • Easter
  • The beginning of the school year
  • Christmas
  • The New Year
Greeting cards image.

Please call 1-888-511-6534 if you didn’t receive this year’s most recent greeting card, but would like to send one to your sponsored child.

Christian messages

If your child lives in an area where Christian teachings are restricted, you’ll receive cards during Christian holidays that respect their beliefs and reflect a general message of encouragement and peace.

Will I receive a reply?

Although you won’t receive a reply to these cards from your sponsored child, he or she will love to receive them from you. Children treasure these cards from their sponsors for years and enjoy sharing their cards with siblings and friends.

Watch your mail to sign and return your cards.

Where do I send the card?

After you’ve signed the greeting card, return it to us for delivery to your sponsored child. It may take longer than usual for the cards to be safely delivered to your sponsor child due to pandemic-related delays. But the cards will get to them eventually and will definitely brighten their day! Use the following address:

World Vision
P.O. Box 70027
Tacoma, WA 98481-0027