World Vision Artist Volunteer FAQs

In most cases, you will report to the “will call” area, tell them you are a World Vision volunteer and ask for the World Vision tour representative. The name of the tour representative should have been provided for you. If you need to know the representative’s name, please call 1-888-511-6536.

In most cases, you will be working at the beginning, intermission and end of the event. If the event requires a different arrangement, the tour representative will work out the times you will be helping when you arrive.

You will be asked to arrive at the venue at a specific time. The report time will be provided by our World Vision representatives, or on the website, at the time you sign up to volunteer. In most cases, it will vary between one half-hour to an hour prior to the event, although in some of our larger events, you may be asked to arrive up to an hour-and-a-half early.

We provide an opportunity to attend the event for free. Parking fees will be provided by the volunteer.

Ages vary for different events. For some events, volunteers must be at least 12 years of age and be accompanied by a responsible party who is 18 years of age or older. Other events require volunteers to be at least 18 years of age, and still others, at least 21 years of age. The web registration page will give you the correct information regarding the event for which you are interested in volunteering.

If you are volunteering for a Women of Faith event, you may be asked to help with World Vision’s microfinance program microfinance program.

You’ll be answering questions about child sponsorship and helping individuals who want to sponsor a child fill out the appropriate information. In many cases, you will be helping individuals find a child from a certain country (Peru, etc.) or with a particular birth date. The tour representative will give you an orientation regarding what you need to know prior to the event. They will also be on hand to help you if you encounter a question you can’t answer.

Volunteers are often asked to find a picture folder of a child from a particular country or with a particular birthday, and they may need to walk up and down a table populated by other volunteers to help locate the picture folder that matches the preference. At times, the space behind where the volunteer table is set up may be limited. Also, volunteers may be asked to spread throughout the venue in order to have picture folders on hand for attendees who do not leave their seats during intermission. Volunteers also may need to reach across the table to hand over items such as CDs, picture folders, and other items to those wanting to sponsor a child.

Please understand that in most instances, you will be able to volunteer and enjoy the performance at no charge. However, in the instance of a sold-out event, space may be limited, and admittance to the actual performance may not be possible. Please know that in this situation, your volunteer support on behalf of World Vision children is deeply appreciated.

You are welcome to bring letters or pictures from your own sponsored child. It is also advisable to bring a picture identification.

Please wear presentable casual clothing and comfortable shoes, as there will be some walking and standing involved. For Women of Faith events: No open-toed shoes, high heels, sandals, or flip-flops.

Some venues sell food; others do not. Except for certain meals provided at Women of Faith events, World Vision does not provide food or drink at events requiring volunteers. Food at large venues is often costly, and many venues have policies against bringing food into their premises. It is advisable that volunteers eat prior to arriving to volunteer.